SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaAgile Cherry (October 2019)

This month’s SupaAgent Spotlight is awarded to Cherry, who comes from the buzzing city of Manila. Cherry came from working at a BPO to becoming a SupaAgent full-time. 

Cherry first became a SupaAgent back in 2017. She stumbled on the opportunity while looking for jobs on a job website). The SupaAgent job was advertised as home-based and non-voice work, which instantly appealed to her.

Prior to becoming a SupaAgent, Cherry was working at a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing centre). She mainly worked graveyard shifts (late night and early morning hours). For Cherry, she actually preferred the night shifts because of the lack of traffic, reducing her commute time. She eventually decided to leave her job there. Her commute used to range from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the heaviness of the traffic. 

Cherry has seen the transition of Supahands from working on google sheets to now doing it on our own internally-built platform. 

Her initial experience working as a SupaAgent, was that she faced difficulty with time management. Working from home, means that you are more susceptible to distractions in the house which can sometimes be a challenge when trying to be productive. With time, and adjustments, one does get better at managing time and distractions at home. For Cherry, she finds taking breaks during working hours help to increase her productivity significantly. 

Cherry’s motivation to keep working on SupaAgent projects stems from wanting to contribute to paying the bills at home. She also contributes to her mother’s bills. In addition, Cherry is also looking to earn money to pay for her upcoming nuptials in December. 

Cherry and her fiance

Her daily working routine consists of waking up early at 4.30am and starting work on SupaAgent projects at 5.30am after having some breakfast. The reason for being up so early, is because early morning is the peak period for one of her projects and it’s the period of time with the most number of leads coming through. Cherry usually takes a 30 minute break at 8 am and another break at around 11 am. She usually works until noon. 

Cherry does have moments of isolation, as she works alone from home and isn’t surrounded by colleagues. This is alleviated when she communicates with other SupaAgents on the chat platforms. While it isn’t the same as actual physical interaction, it does provide some relief from bouts of loneliness. Cherry has referred a lot of her friends to become a SupaAgent. 

“Supahands provide a platform for me to communicate with other SupaAgents, where I can ask questions on anything that I’m unsure of ”

Cherry and her friends

In support of home-based jobs, Cherry highly recommends them because it helps people to spend more time with their families and avoid the commute associated with an office job. Of course, she also acknowledges that working from home does mean that you won’t be able to go out as much and won’t have as many opportunities to interact with other people. 

The best part of being a SupaAgent for Cherry is not having to commute to work. She enjoys not having to sit through traffic and waiting a long time to reach home. 

“I have more time now and take better care of myself” 

Additionally, she doesn’t have to force herself to go to work when she is ill, so now she has more time to look after herself and simply have more time to herself. 

 The community aspect is the best thing about Supahands, according to Cherry. It is very unique and special, in contrast to other home-based jobs. In particular, one of the projects, the project Channel (on the chat platform) is very active and friendly, with lots of help being given to one another. To Cherry, the team spirit can really be felt when the channels are bustling with activity. 

During our SupaAgent Hub’s recent trip to the Philippines, our Team had a chance to carry out a home-visit to Cherry’s home. Our Team visited Cherry at home and managed to observe how she works and uses our platform. The Team managed to gain major user insights from Cherry. It was a great opportunity that both Cherry and the Supahands Team thoroughly enjoyed, and we look forward to more home visits with our SupaAgents in the future.

Cherry’s biggest piece of advice for prospective SupaAgents would be to have patience. Having experienced the frustrations from not being able to pass SupaAgent assessments herself in the past, Cherry is sympathetic to challenges that potential SupaAgents face.  Persevere! 

When she’s not busy doing SupaAgent projects, Cherry is occupied with doing housework. She is also a big fan of playing mobile games.

Cherry also has a green thumb, having a small garden in her home which she tends to in her free time. 

In contrast to when she was working full-time, SupaAgent Cherry now has a lot more free time to carry out her hobbies. Cherry is also looking forward to her wedding coming up in December. She first met her partner in 2017, when they were both working at the same call center. What drew them together was their similar interests, being huge fans of Anime and animals. 

From her projects as a SupaAgent, she is able to pick up knowledge and skills, in particular data management skills. Her favourite BizOps Manager is Darshini. According to Cherry, Darshini is always on-hand to assist the SupaAgents, especially on the chat platform. Her leadership qualities are impressive, consistently helping the SupaAgents understand guidelines and helping them improve their project scores. Her efforts are admirable, a huge shoutout to Darshini! 

Come be a part of our SupaAgent community and experience what Cherry loves about being one of us. Click here to submit an application today! 


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