SupaHeroes Stories – Hanna, Head of Community

Our SupaHero of the month is Head of Community, Hanna. Brimming with maternal love, Hanna leads the SupaAgent Hub at Supahands, ensuring that every SupaAgent feels cared for and is heard. 

Hanna, Head of Community has been with Supahands for over half a decade

Hi Hanna, what do you do at Supahands?

I’m the Head of the SupaAgent (SA) Hub. In general, the SupaAgent Hub looks out for the wellbeing of our SupaAgents in every way, be it our processes, our platform, or if they face any problems while working on a project. We also actively reach out to individual SupaAgents (SAs), to talk to them and get to know their wants and needs so that we can help them be successful on the Supahands platform. 

“Being their voice for everything and advocating for their needs.” 

How did your Supahands journey begin? 

I was with Supahands before it was even called Supahands, during GVS days. I knew Mark and Susian (Co-founders of Supahands) prior to joining. I was working with a multinational corporation, doing new product development in the F&B industry but I eventually burned out. I knew that they (Mark & Susian) had started a company and I was interested in the business model so I approached them to see if we could work together. It’s been six years since.  

What are three random (or not) facts about you? 

  1. I really like potato chips.
  2. I did Materials Engineering in university.
  3. I can ice skate and own a pair of figure skates.

What is a typical day like for you at work?  

Before I get into the office, I look at my calendar and to-do list so I’ll have a rough idea on what I’m supposed to accomplish today. Though that seldom pans out exactly how I planned it, I just need that in the morning to get centered and grounded for the day. There are usually a bunch of meetings and ad-hoc items that pop up. No two days are the same. 

What’s your daily drive to work?

It would be my team. As a relatively small team, we are tight-knit and I get to witness the growth of everyone very closely daily, myself included.

Could you give us more insight into the work that SupaAgent Hub does? 

We’re a small team, we each have our own roles and we’re also able to cover each other when needed. The bulk of what we do centers around SA retention and engagement, which involves their experience of using the platform to earn as well as their experience of the community. 

SupaAgent Brandon (second from right) with the SA hub team and Product Designer Rebekah (second from left)

Their experience of using the platform is deeply intertwined with other departments. For example, how easy it is for a SA to join a project is central, so we have to work very closely with the Product Team on the user flow for that as well as Business Operations (BizOps) on the nuances of that process. Their experience of the community largely takes place on our messaging platform, where we work hard to make it a safe and helpful place for people to interact. We also produce and curate a lot of content aimed at further enriching the overall SA experience.

We also rely on analytics to drive the decisions we make. For example, we try to understand things like the average lifespan of a SA on the platform. Then we try to make a correlation between why do some people drop off faster than others. Hopefully, with the insight and data we’ve gathered, it can help us in making the changes that we need to keep retention rates high.

What’s the most challenging part of your job and how do you overcome these challenges?

There are not many resources available about “community management”. And given that every community is unique, the kind of resources we do find out there don’t necessarily apply to our specific type of community. That’s the challenging bit, it‘s a new field but we’re fortunate that it is important enough to form an actual team (SupaAgent Hub) for it, as compared to other companies with similar communities. Having supportive founders plays a big part in overcoming these challenges. 

The business understands that we cannot afford to not care about our SAs.” 

There’s a lot of trying and testing new things out, but through it all we are very aware of the impact that we have on people’s lives, improving their economics, which is actually the basis of how we got our last round of funding. though we’re not a social enterprise. 

SupaHeroes is a series of monthly write-ups featuring the very people behind Supahands, giving you a glimpse of each unique individual, their stories, their SupaJourney and what they do. 

Interested in becoming a SupaAgent? Besides being able to earn whenever and wherever , you’ll get to part of an awesome community!  

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