Caring at Scale: Supahands’ first Immersion Trip to the Philippines

As our SupaAgent community grows larger with a distributed virtual workforce of close to 7,000 now, the excitement keeps building up for the team to meet SupaAgents from other regions. 

In September, our Head of Community, Senior Community Manager and Product Designer flew to the Philippines, home of one of the largest segments of our community, for our first immersion trip overseas! Unlike what we’ve done in the past and with the aim of bonding more deeply with our SupaAgents, we hosted a range of meetups and user research sessions, including – lucky for us! – getting to meet some of them in their homes and experiencing the mind blowing Filipino hospitality. 

Meeting our SupaAgents for the first time in the Philippines

To prepare for the trip, besides careful planning, research, and prior relationship building, we made sure to clearly define our core values and purpose of going there as our north star to guide us and keep us grounded throughout the journey. With that, we put on our courage and empathy hats and left Malaysia with open hearts, eager to learn from those we were about to meet.

Being used to communicating virtually, we were wary that our SupaAgents might not be interested in a face-to-face gathering, but we were pleasantly surprised. A great number turned up for the group meetup. As they chatted and mingled with the team and each other, the sense of comradeship and happiness filled the air. 

The smiles and laughter of our SupaAgents melt  our hearts

Besides a big gathering, we also took the opportunity to have smaller coffee chats with a handful of SupaAgents during the trip. These close-knit sessions brought about conversations that have never surfaced through our virtual chats, bringing us to learn so much more than we could imagine. This further cemented our belief that meeting our community members in person as well as them meeting each other is an invaluable way to stay connected.

A productive and cosy coffee chat session with SupaAgent Jaq (left) and Mae (right)

As mentioned earlier, our trip also included user research sessions with some SupaAgents in their homes. It was a great opportunity to observe how they work and interact with our platform in their native environments. On top of that, it was eye-opening to experience first-hand “a day in the life of a SupaAgent.” The insights gathered will greatly help Supahands in continuously building meaningful products for our remote workforce. 

A productive and cosy coffee chat session with SupaAgent Jaq (left) and Mae (right)

All in all, meeting our SupaAgents in person, having conversations and laughing with them, listening to their stories, dreams and hopes, helped put many things into perspective and shape our thinking of how we might better serve our virtual community. This was our first trip to the Philippines, but it definitely won’t be our last! We’re already looking forward to the next one.

A productive and cosy coffee chat session with SupaAgent Jaq (left) and Mae (right)

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