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Cheery, youthful and brimming with a zest for life, you would never guess that Mae, our SupaAgent Spotlight of the month is a mother of five.

SupaAgent Mae and her kids

From BPO agent to SupaAgent

Mae’s journey as a SupaAgent started two years ago, when her sister who is also a SupaAgent introduced her to Supahands. Prior to that, she worked for a decade at a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) center where she would answer calls all day long, “I used to work on client’s projects, they were mostly customer service projects clients from Australia, for example, I would need to call to check the attendance of conference goers.” 

After ten years in, her turning point came after she realised she needed a job that would give her more flexibility in time and space. It was then, she began her foray into the gig economy, she started working on a gig platform however, it was shut down shortly. Coincidentally, Mae’s sister who was working for Supahands encouraged her to join and so she began her journey as a SupaAgent.

“It’s so great, it’s so flexible and that’s what I like about being a SupaAgent, it helps with my time management.” 

Juggling housework and caring for a big family is no easy feat! The Manila native’s daily routine consists of waking up at 4 am to work on a receipt validation project before preparing breakfast and sending her kids to school. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility of timing in a side job, given her endless list of responsibilities. “I can work at anytime that I like and it’s easier for me, I can work before dawn and in the afternoon or I can also work at night. A fixed schedule can never work for me.” 

From Flexibility to Empowerment 

It is not uncommon for stay-at-home-moms to report bouts of depression and a loss of self identity. Besides not having a monthly salary, Mae felt that something was missing. Having used to work full time, the transition to did not come easy for Mae. However, after stumbling across alternative ways of earning and her exposure to gig work platforms gave Mae a ray of hope.

Besides the flexible working hours that comes with being a SupaAgent, Mae says the ability to earn while being a stay home mom makes her feel empowered and independent.

“I’ve gained more confidence in myself. Even though I’m a housewife, I’m earning on my own. This comes as a form of empowerment for me.” 

Not only did the income she gained from working as a SupaAgent helped to blunt the financial constraints that may come in a single income family, but she was also able to fund some of her travels and even a concert ticket! 

Mae attended her favourite boyband’s (Boyzone) concert

Healthy Community

The SupaAgent community plays a huge role in shaping the SupaAgent experience. SupaAgents are encourage to communicate and raise any queries they may have regarding a task on a chat platform. Mae couldn’t help but draw comparisons with other digital gig work providers ” Based on my previous experience, it’s common to have to wait a day or two for a reply to your questions but at Supahands, answers come almost instantaneously and it isn’t the internal staff that are answering but other SupaAgents would chip in with answers as well.

It’s a healthy community. That’s what I like most about being a SupaAgent.”

Philippines Immersion Trip

In a bid to understand the lives and experiences of our SupaAgents better and to meet the very people who are the core of what we do, the SupaAgent hub team and our product designer went on our first immersion trip to the Philippines. We hosted meetups and user research sessions which Mae attended. The trip took Mae by a pleasant surprise, as the SupaHQ is based in Malaysia and she did not expect us to make an actual visit. 

“Your arrival showed me that you really care about us. It was extraordinary to meet Bekah, Vyi and Hanna in person.”  —  SupaAgent Mae

The immersion trip has definitely helped us in how we might better serve our virtual community Read more about our recent immersion trip here!

If you’re looking to be part of a supportive community and the flexibility to earn anytime at anywhere . Apply to be a SupaAgent here! 

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