2019 in Review: Our Caring at Scale journey

This year was filled with tremendous growth for us at Supahands, particularly with our SupaAgent community. SupaAgents are our managed workforce, comprising thousands of remote workers across the world. Our SupaAgents are at the core of what we do, working on the projects we take on from our clients.

This year, our SupaAgent pool grew twofold, from 4,000 – 8,000. As the numbers grow, naturally, the sense of community grew as well. 

Humans are social beings by nature. Socialisation ties into the wellbeing of an individual. As most of our SupaAgents work remotely, they might often feel a sense of isolation without interaction with others. To foster a sense of camaraderie among our SupaAgents and to care for our remote workforce, we have a dedicated community team at Supahands. As our Head of Community, Hanna puts it:  

“The SupaAgent Hub (our community team) looks out for the wellbeing of our SupaAgents in every way, be it our processes, our platform, or if they face any problems while working on a project.”

Change of Conversations

As the community grew, we begin noticing a change of conversations that took place among our SupaAgents. Conversations start taking on a collaborative nature, and SupaAgents would discuss challenges they’ve faced with assessments, tutorials and projects over our chat platform. 

In addition, there was a burgeoning interpersonal communication among our SupaAgents. We noticed more exchanges of well wishes, fostering a sense of a tight-knit community, with SupaAgents interacting and acknowledging each other as individuals and most of all as humans. 

The Evolution of Caring at Scale 

“Caring at Scale” is the north star that our community team follows as a guide. At Supahands, we define Caring at Scale as the ability to give a large group of people a very personalised experience, so they feel individually cared for. Early this year, the focus of Caring at Scale revolved heavily around the physical and mental wellbeing of our remote workforce. The community team were pushing out content based on engagements and interactions that we had with our SupaAgents.

However, as time went by, Caring at Scale begin evolving. 

“To show that we care, we thought it was acknowledging everyone and to always be attending to their needs.” according to Vyi, our Senior Community Manager. “But, as we scale, our pool of SupaAgents grew to a point where it was just impossible to greet hundreds of joiners in a day.” This then prompted the realisation in our community team that the way we care needed to be scalable. 

SupaAgent Experience

Looking at the bigger picture, our community team came to realise that wellness encompasses the entire SupaAgent experience which begins the moment a SupaAgent signs up, uses our platform for work, this includes the interactions they have with Supahands, other SupaAgents and the community team. It meant that we had to put in a lot more thought to how we train our SupaAgents and the way we communicate with them. 

How did our SupaAgents teach us to design better 

Besides caring for our SupaAgents as a community on a whole, the way SupaAgents interact with our product plays a major role in the SupaAgent experience. So it was important that we design our products with our users in mind — our SupaAgents. 

Human-centered Design 

At Supahands, we practice human-centered design, which remains the foundation of our product development and has grown and matured exponentially this year.

“People are at the heart of design. My role at Supahands is to always advocate for and champion our end-user.” — Rebekah, Product Designer 

Daily, our design team reimagines the interactions between people and machine. We prioritise user research to better understand our SupaAgents’ needs, to uncover new patterns in behaviour. Ultimately, the goal is to constantly refine the SupaAgent experience with Supahands. It’s also about seeing patterns or trends in the data we get. We then group these trends into major insights and user design (problem solve) with this in mind. 

a group of women
Rebekah, our Product Designer and our SupaAgents
Better design = Happier SupaAgents = Quality work 

Up Close and Personal 

The times when we get to meet our SupaAgents in person are important milestones and we’ve been lucky to be blessed with a couple of office visits from a number of them throughout the year. 

SupaAgent Brandon with our Product Designer and Community Team

On top of that, in a bid to understand our SupaAgents better, it led us to one of our main highlights of the year — our Philippines User Research and Immersion trip, where we got to meet many SupaAgents including featured SupaAgent Elena and SupaAgent Mae, and caught glimpses of their daily lives. 

When we first started this journey, we never thought we would be able to connect with people so far away from us, whom we’ve never met in person. This gave the work that we do so much more meaning, beyond the projects that we were executing for our clients. Our relationship with our SupaAgents will continue evolving as the numbers grow. But we will keep improving and scaling the way we care for them all.

Here’s a shoutout and huge thank you to our SupaAgents.

Interested in being a SupaAgent, click here to apply now! 

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