2019 in Review: Value-based Hiring

The last of our recap series for the year brings us to reflect on the most important part of Supahands — the very people behind it. This year proved to be a year of immense growth for us in every aspect. Besides growing our pool of SupaAgents, the Supahands team too grew at an accelerated rate! 

We upped our hiring game to cope with the growth and demand that we were experiencing with our clients and projects, which prompted the need for more diversity in the skillsets and experience across every department. 

This meant that we needed to hire a lot of fresh, talented people.

But recruitment at Supahands was never just about getting anyone with the right experience and skills.

The determining factor of a good hire to us always boiled down to the attitude and values that hold true for a candidate.

Value-based hiring 

At Supahands, we take hiring seriously, and we practice value-based hiring. The value-based hiring approach focuses on identifying a candidate’s values and how well it aligns with the company’s values during the hiring process. This is different from skill-based hiring, where decisions made are based entirely on experience and aptitude.

“Skills are learned tools that can be acquired, but values and abilities are unlikely to change.”

Ray Dalio
Our values are inspired by the Supahands team.

Our core values define who we are at Supahands, and everyone in the team can relate to them in one way or another. They are more than our identity as it shapes our daily business decisions, the way we interact with each other and the type of people we recruit. Hiring a person with the same core values not only builds up, but also strengthens the culture of Supahands which we’ve cultivated over the years.  

A few key points that we look out in hiring in relation to the Supahands values tie in with our mascots: 

  • Bruce: We value courage and confidence, speaking up and voicing out our ideas without fear.
  • 5UP4: As a tech firm, it’s only natural for us to embrace technology at the forefront of all our problem-solving exercises.  
  • Sally: We are a tight-knit team, we treat each other with respect and care for one another.
  • Dash: We believe in getting things done efficiently, balancing quality and speed.   
  • Wallace: A growth mindset is a must-have, for there is never an end to learning at Supahands!  
  • Bam: We are a passionate bunch and love what we do.  

Cross-departmental screening

While each team is heavily involved in the hiring of their new teammates, we also incorporate cross-departmental screening of a candidate into our hiring process. 

For instance, if the Tech team is hiring for a Data Scientist, it’s important for team members of other departments who would potentially work with the new hire – like our SupaAgent Community or Business Operations – to participate in the interview process as well. The decision-making process is a collective one with input from everyone who was involved. 

Most importantly, all of those involved during the hiring process needs to arrive at a consensus on whether or not we should make an offer to the candidate. If the decision is split, then it’s up to those who say “Yes” to convince the “No’s” to change their mind.

Through value-based hiring, we are excited to share that we brought in ten quality hires across all the departments in just this quarter on its own. While the interview process for value-based hiring takes longer, the benefits reaped in the long run is worth it! We believe that when culture preference aligns with that of the company, people would be happier, take ownership of their work and give their best. 

We can’t wait to kick off 2020 with our new team members! 

Group photo

If you’re interested in experiencing the Supahands experience while working with an awesome bunch, click here to apply!


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