Supahands Data Security Measures

When it comes to building Machine Learning (ML) and Artitificial Learning (AI) models, while we know the bulk of it lies in the training stage, besides the quality of your training datasets, data security should never be compromised — especially when your models rely heavily on your sensitive data during this crucial step.

In dealing with data security, we understand you can’t afford to take any risks, and so can’t we. Data security remains an imperative aspect to your business, something which we at Supahands take seriously. 

Here’s an overview of security measures we take in ensuring the privacy and security of your data. 

Admin Access Control
Access to view projects and data is granted only to BizOps Managers, who fully manages the end to end process of a project. 

Inflight Military-Grade Encryption 
Our proprietary web application comprises a web front end, that connects to a backend via an encrypted connection. Our level of Encryption is SSL v3: Military-grade.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) 
All SupaAgents are required to sign an NDA with Supahands, stating the confidentiality of all data. Any violation will result in the SupaAgent being reprimanded of access and immediate termination from the platform. 

Audit Trail
Every action on our proprietary image annotation platform SupaAnnotator is tracked, enabling 100% visibility on platform workflow.

Supahands does not and will never reveal the name of our clients to our SupaAgents – masking the identity of all our clients to our workforce.

Limited Access
Only SupaAgents who have passed the assessment are given access to the data. They are only able to view and work on a single file at a time. 

SupaAgents do not have access to:

  • Entire datasets or index
  • Historical data 
  • Backtracking functions

Exclusivity: SupaAgents & Business Operations Managers (BOMs) can also be client exclusive at request.

Vertical and Horizontal Slicing Techniques
Data confidentiality is secured by separating a line of data up into multiple independent tasks before distributing it to each team. This makes it impossible for anyone to do anything with each piece of information that’s outside of the project’s scope.

Data Security remains one of Supahands’ utmost priorities. Besides quality, we do not compromise data security. Working with a good data labeling partner means you wouldn’t and shouldn’t need to worry about the fundamentals but extremely crucial aspects of the data labeling process. 

Speak to us to find out more about the security measures we take in ensuring your data’s security.


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