We’re here for you – Supahands Covid-19 Updates

Supahands November Product Roundup

Building a business is never easy. Keeping it going in times like these is another challenge that we must face, and you won’t have to face it alone. 

In concern for public health and safety in Malaysia, the MCO (movement control order) was put in place. This means that the entire Supahands team has been working remotely since it was implemented on 18 March. 

Given this general unrest, we at Supahands would like to provide everybody concerned with the reassurance that we are doing everything in our power to keep business going for us, and ultimately, for our clients as well. 

The global infection rate continues to grow every day, with organizations shutting down operations, and others resorting to regional wide remote working policies. However, Supahands’ entire foundation was built on a remote working model. Our agents span across the Southeast Asia region and remain committed alongside us in ensuring that every single data labeling project gets completed as promised. 

There will not be any interruption to the work that we promised to deliver to clients, including ongoing projects and POCs. 

Supahands is determined to support machine learning businesses’ needs by ensuring that from a supply chain perspective, we can be counted on to keep going in the face of adversity. 

We know how important safety and security are at a time like this, and the team and I are here with our clients through these times of change and uncertainty.

After all, we’re in this together.

With clean sanitized hands, 

Mark Koh, CEO of Supahands 


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