Why did we build Opus Infrastructure?

At Supahands, we listen. 

The Opus Infrastructure started based on the feedback we received from our clients. Be it in the form of Net Promoter Scores (NPS) or the weekly calls during our progress check-ins, we noticed a recurring theme among them, which was how much they love our processes and the overall experience of working with Supahands. 

There were also instances where our clients would compare us with similar companies, drawing out our differences and the edges we have over them, such as our flexibility in customizing project workflows and our tools to suit each project’s unique needs. 

Receiving these feedback made us realize how much our clients genuinely enjoyed and loved working with us, and it all boils down to the Supahands experience. 

So we brought together all the intricacies of what drew clients to want to work with us into what we now call “Opus Infrastructure”.

What is the Opus Infrastructure?

The Opus Infrastructure (OI) is the entire experience of our clients, from the very first touchpoint with Supahands to the moment we deliver a project. The OI combines the end-to-end workflow that we’ve perfected, with our proprietary technology and the Supahands team, to provide a seamless and successful process for clients.

The Opus Infrastructure Process

The OI process begins with the consultation process with our Business Development team in understanding our client’s pain points. It then flows into designing customized solutions with our Business Operations and Product Team, incorporating our proprietary technology. Subsequently, it then extends all the way to post-execution of the project with our Key Account Managers.

The main features of OI can be separated into three main categories: 

  1. Consultation for Data Labeling
  2. Managing the Project
  3. Flexibility of our Technology

1. Consultation for Data-Labeling

The first and most crucial step lies in listening and understanding of our clients by our Business Development and Business Operations team. They will first identify the best solutions to the problems that our clients are facing with their data labeling. 

The solutions encompass the project guidelines prepared by our Business Operations Managers (BOMs), SupaAgent (our labeling workforce) recruitment, project training via our customizable platforms, and setting up of quality assurance and control measures. The proposed solution will then be put to the test with a run of proof of concept (POC) for each potential project.

2. Managing the Project 

The success of a data labeling’s project relies on not just amazing tech, but also amazing humans. At Supahands, we understand the importance of having the right people for a project. Each project gets a dedicated BOM who will assemble the right team of SupaAgents with skills that match each project’s unique requirements. When it comes to monitoring, our BOMs constantly have a pulse on the progress of a project and in making sure it runs smoothly. 

Key Account Managers also join the Business Operations team to ensure that clients are regularly informed and updated on the progress of their project. 

Most of our clients are moving in a constantly evolving AI landscape, and at a fast pace. Changes to projects are bound to happen that may affect project guidelines, and OI allows us to adapt while providing a streamlined communication with SupaAgents and clients.

3. Flexibility of Technology 

Every Machine Learning model requires a specific set of training data. The flexibility and ability to customize our technology allows us to tailor an approach that is specialized for each project case. 

Our platforms — SupaAnnotator and SupaMiner are designed to enable SupaAgents to do their best work, so we can provide quality at the speed and scale that the client needs. These web-based platforms are easy to navigate, intuitive, and effortless to work on, which helps us achieve high-quality training data. 

Why Opus Infrastructure?

Our SupaTeam and clients are the main reason for us to introduce OI. There were many recurring themes in the feedback that we were receiving from our quarter NPS with clients, most of which were highlighted as things that were unique to us and no other data labeling company. 

Among the common themes that stood out were: 

  • Customisation and flexibility  
  • Unparalleled  communication 

The birth of OI boils down to — our genuine care for our clients.

As a labeling partner, we understand the need and importance of high-quality training data for every model and we pride ourselves on the effort we take in providing quality at scale in our work. The experience of working with us is just as important as the quality of work that we deliver because clients need to know that they have a partner that they can trust to be fully transparent and accountable for their data labeling needs, no matter how complex it can be.  

With the feedback we’ve received, we decided to integrate, optimize and perfect our workflow. OI was built to consolidate our strengths and in translating the care we have for our clients, from our personalized project guidelines, ultra-flexible platform customizations to efficient communication plans to adapt to their needs and in providing our clients a stress and hassle-free process in attaining high-quality training data. Most importantly, OI enables us to deliver high-quality data and the Supahands experience for our clients.

How does OI benefit companies in AI?

AI is a constantly evolving industry, as it rapidly changes, what may have worked in the past, may not work today, this results in a need for agility and flexibility when it comes to data labeling workflows. A seamless and customizable data labeling process such as OI is needed now more than ever to adapt to the growth and changes of AI.

Ultimately, how efficient and flexible a data labeling process is, contributes to the end goal of achieving quality in training data, which plays an important part in the accuracy of AI and Machine Learning models.

OI is about creating the most efficient process for any client to experience seamless communication, planning, and execution throughout the whole process of their data labeling project. It was built on the foundation of the care we have for our clients, our ability to meet their needs which transcends beyond the quality of work that we deliver, it is the — Supahands experience.

Interested in experiencing OI yourself, speak to Steve (steve@supahands.com) our Business Developer Team lead for a POC!


For any media enquiries, get in touch with Marissa (marissa@supahands.com) our Brand and PR person! 


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