Introducing: Client Success at Supahands

Here at Supahands, we’ve always seen our clients not just as clients, but as partners in the endeavors they choose to take on with us. We work to accelerate their growth, and support them with concrete steps towards achieving their long-term goals. 

To that end, we’d like to introduce Client Success – an evolution from Account Management – to reaffirm our commitment in ensuring our partners get the best value from their experience with us, by scaling and maximising our client’s goals in their machine learning journey.

A success-oriented shift

We are now shifting from Account Management to Client Success in order to reestablish the Supahands team as a client-centric organisation, driven by client success and growth. 

This isn’t to say that this hasn’t always been the case, of course. 

We have always worked hard to ensure we are giving our clients the best possible experience they can have. By introducing Client Success, we hope to take our commitment to our clients a step further by solidifying that mindset within our team, and put our client’s success at the forefront of our work. 

To ensure our clients are always at the top of Supahands’ priorities, we wanted to leave behind the idea of simply ‘managing’ our clients (traditionally, an Account Manager is solely focused on keeping and upselling the client with a more transactionary focus) and stay true to the work we’ve already been doing; being present at every stage of the client’s process, from onboarding, to service adoption, usage, goal and value realization. 

We are confident that Client Success will ensure that our clients’ happiness, satisfaction and growth are the main focus of our data labeling solutions. 

What some of our amazing partners have said about us:

Initiating a partnership with Supahands was easy and quick. We were able to get up to speed quickly and Supahands was able to help us increase our efficiencies and in meeting the SLAs for our customers

Robert Herbers, Senior Quality Manager @ Ibotta 

Supahands was really professional, they delivered quality results within our timelines. We can’t thank them enough for connecting with us regularly and updating us with the progress. Very happy to have worked with them! 

Nitin Anjaneya, Machine Learning Services @ Sprinklr 

Collaborating with Supahands has worked flawlessly. We were able to quickly define the guidelines and address any issues as they arose. Even though we operate in a niche market of x-ray images, Supahands have been able to quickly deliver high-quality annotation. 

Martin Groth Alboge, Software Developer @ Inwatec

Get in touch with us at Supahands if you want to know more – and if you want us to join you in ensuring your success at every step of the way.


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