Supahands September Product Roundup

Supahands November Product Roundup

With the end of 2020 fast approaching, exciting product updates are coming your way!

We’ve added new features to SupaAnnotator – our flagship image annotation tool – as part of our commitment to speed, scale and accuracy on every project.

Here’s a quick overview of all our product updates in September 2020.

A Better User Experience 

SupaAnnotator has a new look! 

Upgrading the platform’s user interface to accommodate our new features has given us the opportunity to include user friendly-focused changes in accordance to the feedback collected from our SupaAgents. We are excited to play our part in  improving their experience with the tool and increasing the overall efficiency of their work on your projects.

The Ground Truth Blocker

Geared towards increasing project accuracy and quality control efficiency, this new feature  streamlines how we remove underperforming SupaAgents from projects. We’ve now  automated how Ground Truth (GT), one of our quality assurance measures, responds to underperformance. 

With this new update, SupaAgents who hit a project-specific cap for GT fails are automatically removed from the project, as opposed to previously being flagged and needing to be manually removed from the project. #AutomationIsCool

Smart Polygon

This new feature is our response to the increasing demand for polygon annotation projects we’ve observed. Designed to improve polygon annotation quality and reduce the need for manual quality control work, Smart Polygon’s introduction increases efficiency of the work being done on the projects. Smart polygon will be among one of the first intelligent assisted tools that we plan to introduce to increase the efficiency and accuracy of labelling.

That’s all for now, have a great October! 

Interested to know more about products and services? Get in touch! 


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