Supahands October Product Roundup

Supahands November Product Roundup

At Supahands, every month comes with exciting product news! In case you missed October’s updates, let us bring you up to speed…

Coming Soon: The Quality Control Toolbar

Speed. Scale. Accuracy – that’s what we’re all about! 

With that in mind, one of our key initiatives for this quarter is to empower our high-performing SupaAgents to upskill themselves – or you could say, level up – to become Quality Control SupaAgents. 

In order to create this experience and roadmap for our SAs, we are now working on the Quality Control (QC) Toolbar which will: 

  • Enable SupaAgents to perform QC work with an interface that mirrors our familiar SupaAnnotator – but with additional tools for QC
  • Allow SupaAgents to leave feedback/remarks 
  • Allow SupaAgents to receive feedback and prompts to rework low-accuracy tasks


  • It will also enable our BizOps team to perform QC with an interface that mirrors our SupaAnnotator – with additional admin tools!

Why are we doing this?

  • Speed – Our BizOps team needs a cleaner tool in order to QC more efficiently 
  • Scale –  New QC SupaAgents need to be able to quickly understand how to use the QC tool so we can process more QC tasks simultaneously
  • Accuracy – The SupaAgents that are working on executing the labeling work need to be swiftly notified about tasks they need to re-work in order to reach maximum project accuracy 

Stay tuned for more updates on this new tool! 

Need a data labeling partner for your ML/AI project? Get in touch! 


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