Supahands November Product Roundup

Supahands November Product Roundup

We hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a lovely couple of weeks and is gently settling back into the working grind – and everyone who didn’t is having a good start to the week. 🙂 

It’s time for updates! 

SupaAnnotator has new features! 

Grouping Annotations – We’re happy to share that we have built a new customization that allows our SupaAgents to assign multiple annotations to a group, leading to a quicker annotation process! As you know, we like to do things at speed. 

Grouped annotations will be assigned a group_id, allowing for marking of multiple annotations as a single unit (use case example: objects in instance segmentation)

Label Search Bar – Efficiency upgrade alert! The new label search bar allows the SupaAgents to search and filter labels. This greatly improves efficiency in labeling items in cases where there are too many labels for the SAs to cognitively manage, significantly reducing the time spent manually scrolling for labels when working on the annotations. 

Keen to check out our upgraded SupaAnnotator? Get in touch for a free demo! 


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