SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaDiligent Badariah

Known for its soft sandy beaches and food, Penang is an exotic island on the northwest side of Malaysia. It is where SupaDiligent Badariah grew up. Our SupaAgent will be turning 54 this year in April.

A beautiful photo of Badariah (second from right) and her family during Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2019 in Penang.

Badariah started school in Penang and furthered her studies at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia graduating with a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) in 1989. Badariah wanted the freedom to grow, explore and gain experience in life, so she became part of a team that handles accounts at one of the largest conglomerates in Malaysia. However, due to interminably stressful hours and longing to be with her two young children, Badariah decided to stop her office job.

“Living from earning a 4-figure salary to suddenly zilch was very tough but what mattered most was I got to experience raising my two children myself with my husband. That is something which can never be repeated and I am grateful to have had that invaluable opportunity.”

Discovering Supahands & the SupaAgent opportunity

In 2019 Badariah decided that she wanted to start working and earn an income again. One day she was browsing the internet for job opportunities when she came across Supahands for the first time. She researched the company and decided to give it a try. She signed up as a SupaAgent and has been with us for 2 years now. Seeing her be her every day inspires us, as do all our amazing SupaAgents.

Life as a SupaAgent

Badariah is blessed to have a very supportive family who was delighted to hear that she was part of Supahands as a SupaAgent. Badariah’s devotion and hard work during projects have always been remarkable. This hardworking agent has become a night owl where her routine as a SupaAgent usually starts in the evening after she has finished all her personal work. When Badariah is not working on her projects, she spends her time relaxing with her family, watching TV, playing with her cats, and of course, catching up on some sleep.

One of the best photos her cats, Badariah said. It’s hard to get them (cats) to look at the camera together like this.

What really makes being a SupaAgent special for Badariah is that she has the opportunity to work on various tasks, where she can make use of her knowledge and skills. With time this has made a major difference in her life, as it allowed her to regain her self esteem.

“This has improved my self-esteem very much and I am very motivated to work, especially when the Project Managers appreciate and acknowledge my contribution”

Further to this, she could work in the comfort of her home at flexible hours. The ease of joining and smooth running of projects has made her loved ones join the bandwagon.

“My children became interested to sign up as SupaAgents too! One of my childhood friends has also signed up as a SupaAgent and is happily working now. I hope more of my friends will do so too after reading about my experience here.”

Badariah mentions that being a SupaAgent has also been a fulfilling experience because she gets to work with people of various backgrounds, nationalities and personalities. She has made new virtual friends, working alongside Project Managers who are supportive and understanding, and our friendly and caring SupaAgent Hub.

“We become close from working together on projects and interacting online every day.”

Tasks and Achievements

Badariah is a supa-hardworker, and she usually takes up several concurrent tasks as she loves experiencing and learning new things. After all, life is too short for regrets, and while you’re at it why not make the most out of it! Badariah’s favourite project is Receipts Validation as she loves dealing with numbers. Being the diligent person that she is, she voluntarily helped the Project Manager in making sure the tasks get done collectively with proper scheduling. Her work ethic is a quality we really appreciate.

“I am ever so grateful to PM Shaun for believing in my capabilities and giving me the opportunity to prove my worth. I also want to thank SupaAgents Joanne and Princess for being the best teammates!”

Badariah has had an enjoyable experience working alongside the Project Managers at Supahands as a SupaAgent. In particular, Darshini, who was the Project Manager in her first major project. She recognises our Project Managers’ efforts in always maintaining the progress of the projects and ensuring queries are attended to. We are proud of our kind and supportive Business Operations Managers!

“This was during an Origami seminar at the Japan Foundation KL few years back too. Origami is one my hobbies.”

Tips Badariah has for fellow SupaAgents

Badariah believes that good time management and self-discipline are the must-haves to become a successful SupaAgent. Other than that, it is crucial to have great interpersonal skills, synergy and most importantly, honesty and integrity.

“If you want this to be a long term job and not just to make quick bucks, then you must be willing to work honestly and with integrity, and take your work seriously. Work with integrity, gain the trust from the Project Managers and you may be invited to join future projects or even as a QC SupaAgent.”

Badariah’s determination and positive attitude has impressed us all. Being a loving mother and persevering through life, she really has awed us with her motivation and never-give-up attitude. Her story and efforts have really inspired us to achieve our goals and persist in our dreams, and we hope that this has motivated you too.

Written by Manoshee Purmessur, SupaAgent Hub

If you’re looking to be part of a supportive community and the flexibility to earn anytime at anywhere. Apply to be a SupaAgent here! 


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