4 Ways To Earn An Income Online

The introduction of remote work has given workers from all over the world an unprecedented amount of opportunity, control and flexibility, made possible through increased accessibility to the internet. Today, there has never been a better time to start earning online as Covid-19 has pushed us all to always be connected to the World Wide Web.

Remote workers enjoy more flexibility than on-site workers as it allows them to adjust their working hours to fit their own needs and schedules. There are several ways in which one can earn an income online, and it is relatively easy and straightforward especially if you have the right approach.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Start an online business

Online businesses have a high profit potential because they are not limited to certain geographical locations. In other words, anyone around the world could be a prospective customer, which means almost limitless possibilities for an online business to grow. Luxe Digital mentions that 22% of global retail sales will take place online by 2023.

One key component of starting a business online is that it has low costs, which can help achieve high margins. In order to start up an online business you would need three (3) things: an idea, a domain name and a hosting service. Other than being an increasingly effective way of earning an income online, it also comes with plenty of perks. It allows you to have full control over your schedule and workload hence, increasing your independence. Here are some steps to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

2. Freelancing Writing

Freelance writing has become extremely popular nowadays. If you enjoy writing for fun, your writing skills and creative talents can pay off. Freelance writing is a viable income stream where you get to express and share your talent with others and get paid for it.

The flexibility and sheer amount of opportunities that comes with freelance writing makes it an amazing job for anyone who likes writing. However, before starting as a freelance writer there are several things that need to be done to establish that you have expertise on a particular topic or subject. Alexa from “The college Investor” states that the keys to making it as a freelance writer are:

  1. Choosing a Niche market.
  2. Building a freelancer’s blog or website
  3. Collect your writing samples to showcase to your skills

3. Online Publishing and Advertising

Online publishing is all about creating and posting quality content on your social media platform or website to build up an audience that might have the same interests. As you talk about brands or products that you love, sharing details on how you use certains products and its benefits to others, you can eventually earn an income from advertising for organizations.

Today, a lot can be done on social media platforms and websites when you have a large following. Making money by online publishing and advertising has now become a big option, as many businesses actually depend on those to succeed. Alice from Entrepreneur Asia Pacific gives you a few tips on how to get started with online publishing.

4. Microtask platforms

Microtask platforms distribute short-period tasks for online workers globally. Supahands is an example where online workers called SupaAgents are hired to support a wide range of Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tasks such as image annotation, data management, data tagging and content moderation.

Working on microtask platforms allows job-seekers to benefit from working on multiple tasks concurrently and obtaining different skills while also gaining some work experience. Some platforms such as Supahands even come with a friendly community, project managers and community managers that are always available and ready to offer support and guidance. That way, you get to increase your experience, work on a flexible schedule and earn an income, all while working from the comfort of your own home.

Working online has made it possible for workers and businesses to work together on positive solutions. Today, as everyone around the globe becomes more connected and the traditional idea of work decentralizes, working online will start to increase in demand and play an important role. There are so many ways to earn an income online and the ones that have been covered are just the tip of an iceberg! Remember anything is possible if you have time, a passion for almost anything and creative skills.

Written by Manoshee Purmessur, SupaAgent Hub

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