SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaAmiable Shu Ming

This month’s SupaAgent Spotlight is given to Shu Ming, who was born and raised in Malaysia. Shu Ming comes from a conservative household where money was tight for her growing up. She came from working at a travel agency to becoming a SupaAgent.

Shu Ming during her trip to South Korea in 2018

Being a travel agent, Shu Ming moved around the globe a lot and got to know different cultures, food and lifestyles. During her time as a travel agent she got to meet a colossal amount of people while also building her experiences. However, over the years as technology evolved, online businesses began to take shape. Travel agencies were forced to downsize and this is when, unfortunately, Shu Ming lost her job.

Chatting to Shu Ming about her memories of travelling as a travel agent was inspiring as we could truly feel her passion and energy even just through the screens. She excitedly recounted her favourite trip to South Korea where she visited different areas and had amazing food.

SupaAgent Journey

Shu Ming has been with Supahands for a very long time where she has seen the evolution of the company advance from basic excel sheets to our own internally-built platform.

Shu Ming first became a SupaAgent back in 2017. She stumbled on the opportunity while looking for jobs online, as she wanted a stay-at-home job. She then came upon the SupaAgent website where she decided to apply to see if she could have this part-time job opportunity. Before getting approved, she had to go through the SupaAgent assessment. Although she said “I was not an IT savvy person then”, she still managed to get through.

Shu Ming recalled that her first project as a SupaAgent was a Receipt Processing project in foreign language. This was an opportunity to showcase her different talents for languages. Shu Ming was amazed and excited, she took working as a SupaAgent as an opportunity to move forward and learn new things.

“I was excited working on my first project. Finally, some money came in. Since becoming a SupaAgent, I have learnt a lot and am continuously learning.”

The income Shu Ming gained from working as a SupaAgent helped with the financial constraints from losing her job and this also allowed her over time to look after her mother too. 

“Being able to work remotely allows me to take care of my mum and fulfill her needs.”

Whenever she is not busy with projects, she loves to do some cleaning, studying Korean language, cook and catch up on Korean dramas and other shows.

Having experienced the waiting game to get projects herself in the past, Shu Ming’s biggest advice to thrive as a SupaAgent would be to have not only patience but also a strong will. Moreover, Shu Ming loves to multitask on several projects. It gives her the thrills even though it is a part-time remote job.

Friendly community

Sometimes working on a remote job can be very lonely. However, working with Supahands as a SupaAgent allows you to benefit from a very active community where you get to communicate with other SupaAgents. Shu Ming mentioned that being a SupaAgent has been an amazing experience as she gets to work with people of different backgrounds and nationalities. While working as a SupaAgent, Shu Ming has become close to SupaAgent Badariah, saying that “we just clicked”. They have worked together on several projects.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Shu Ming as we’re reminded of our very diverse group of SupaAgents. We believe that our remote community matters, and it is essential for us to understand and learn what is truly important to our agents.

Written by Manoshee Purmessur, SupaAgent Hub

If you would like to join our global SupaAgent community and benefit from what Shu Ming enjoys about being a part of, click here to sign up for a SupaAgent account today!


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