SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaAffable Francia

In this edition, we’ll get to know more about one of our SupaAffable agents from La Union, Philippines. A lover of beach views, Francia told us about the beautiful beaches in her area that we can’t wait to visit after the pandemic is over.

“When I first saw the clear blue-turquoise water at Pagudpud, it relaxed my mind.”

Growing up, Francia’s favourite subject was Science. She had wanted to become a nurse but at the time the field seemed to already be saturated. While queuing inside the college building on enrollment day, she and her father stumbled upon a poster of the medical technology course. “He said, ‘Why don’t you try this one?’ He gave me the freedom to transfer to another course if I didn’t like it. They study blood, so at least it seems to be in line with the medical profession”, Francia recalled.

Francia during her medical technology days in Riyadh

After graduation, Francia spent 15 years working in the laboratory for clinics and hospitals in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, where she delighted in testing samples and viewing microorganisms under the microscope that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

Francia decided to take her time to enjoy motherhood when she became pregnant with her daughter. With the pandemic situation, she’s grateful that her husband has the opportunity to work from home a few days per week. “My daughter is also very cooperative. When I have SupaTutorial or tasks to do, she’s willing to play on her own and wait for me.” This helped her a lot given the packed schedule of house chores, Supahands work, and teaching school modules to her daughter. It can be a lot at times, so when she has spare time to herself, Francia likes to stream Netflix.

Francia and her family during their vacation in Hong Kong

SupaAgent Journey

When she first signed up as a SupaAgent, Francia was surprised to know that such a role like SupaAgent exists to train artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

“It makes me feel proud knowing that the machines would not do well if it wasn’t for us. We train them with our knowledge.”

One thing she wished she had noticed when she started in January 2020 was the SupaHive community on Slack. Actively checking the community chat helped her complete the work with better quality, as she could ask for opinions from the Project Managers and fellow SupaAgents when in doubt. She’s also grateful for SupaAgent Chris, who kindly guided her when she was a newbie to understand the project instructions.

“When I started doing Supahands work, there was a shift in my mood. The Project Managers (PM) here are so helpful, supportive, and they answer queries politely.”

Being a QC Agent

One of the early projects she was involved in was an image annotation project on retail products. Perhaps because she has a knack for drawing in real life, she found identifying items and drawing polygon annotations on the datasets to be enjoyable.

With her determination to learn and by consistently putting quality in mind, Francia was chosen to take on the role of QC (Quality Control) agent on some projects. She has brought great value to the team by ensuring the data we input to our client’s models are of high quality. “When PM Rachel messaged me, I was surprised and felt really honoured. I didn’t expect that my work looked good to the Project Managers.”

Having experienced different projects now, Francia shared some tips for other SupaAgents who might need one. “After my first project, it took me another two months to get the next one. I didn’t know turning on the Slack notification was important. I’d advise new agents to turn on theirs, and be patient.”

“To stay in a project, we need to do our part to understand the project. Make the time to backread conversations and updates on Slack, read the project guides twice, even thrice. And think of quality first before quantity.”

As Francia mentioned previously, SupaAgents play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI and Machine Learning. If you’re keen on participating in the journey, sign up for a SupaAgent account at


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