SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaDriven Shierly

We had a chat with Shierly who was calling in from Surabaya, a bustling city rich with colonial buildings and appetizing food. Read on to find out why we call her a SupaDriven agent!

Shierly has been into psychology since her childhood. She was just thirteen when she first read a book related to the Enneagram test. While studying accounting in university, she always spared some time to read psychology books. Her love for this field started off as curiosity. She wanted to know the whys behind every why. As she went deeper into it, she realised that understanding the mind and behaviors have also helped her make better decisions in life.

Photo of SupaAgent Shierly

SupaAgent Journey

Shierly has long enjoyed essay writing. Through writing, she could earn money from discussing her favourite topics. When she was in high school, she was nominated for an essay competition organised by Trinity College, University of Melbourne. It was her first time receiving in-depth feedback about her writing skills.

While browsing for content writing roles in Malaysia, Shierly stumbled upon the SupaAgent website. Back then, we offered various tasks which included data transcription. This piqued her interest and she proceeded and became a SupaAgent.

“Giving up is not in my dictionary. I continued to apply for more projects and do other online gigs.”

Being deactivated from her first project didn’t stop Shierly from trying harder. She then landed herself a project categorising sentiments from social media content. She found the project interesting and appreciated ex-Project Manager Shaun for being friendly, cooperative, and helpful.

SupaAgent community

As a gaming and psychology enthusiast, Shierly is no stranger to the community space. In our SupaAgent community, she’s an active member with a passion for conversation on multiple topics. If you’re curious about personality tests, the King of Fighters game, or tea brewing, you’d want to talk to her.

“I see tea brewing as self-care. Smelling the aroma helps me de-stress”

Shierly enjoys the chance to connect with like-minded agents, for example in the #random channel of our community platform. She sees other agents and the Community Managers as one of her support systems. (Thanks Shierly! This is the reason we continue to show up to work everyday.) 

“I feel supported. When I communicate my concerns, the community managers do not brush them away. In Supahands, I receive validation.”

Special shoutout to SupaAgent Cara, one of the new friends Shierly made in the SupaAgent community. Their interaction started off from a simple discussion about predicting one’s MBTI personality!

Tip for online gig workers

We believe that everyone has their own journey in venturing into the online gig space. Shierly started hers by being a student ambassador for an education consultant company, earning USD30 per month. She used to think that once she landed one online gig, she had to stick with it full time. She later found out it wasn’t true.

“As long as I meet the deadlines, I can work on different gigs and manage my own time. I get to pay bills, reward myself and feel good about it.”

One tip from Shierly for fellow online gig workers: do not be afraid to say no to doing some work if you’re overwhelmed.

We hope you got yourself some valuable learnings from our conversation with Shierly. To other online gig fighters, keep the faith! Once you make it, it can be a rewarding experience. If you’re keen on improving Artificial Intelligence while earning at the same time, sign up to become one of our SupaAgents at


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