5 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

How many productivity apps have you downloaded in the hopes of making your life easier? Truth is you’ve probably found most of them totally impractical along the way and deleted them. To avoid unwanted disappointment, here’s our picks for 5 apps that will increase your productivity in no time:



Our marketing team at Supahands have fallen in love with Trello since day one! This collaborative app is perfect for team management, solopreneur and client collaboration. With Trello, you can create boards to organize things you’re currently working on and tasks you plan to work on next for FREE! You would then be able to check on your team progress easily, when they drag the bulletin from “In Progress” column to the “Completed” column. Our advice thought, dig into the specificfeatures of Trello before singing up!

Cost: The basic app is free; Trello Business Class charges $8.33 per user/ month and Trello Enterprise charges $20.83 per user/ month. Additional features include apps integration, larger file attachments size, restricted membership invitation, priority email and phone support, personalized onboarding assistance and more.


You don’t necessarily have to spend 20% of your revenue for social media management. With Hootsuite, you can have all your social network accounts in one place and publish and share anything on all platforms with just one click. While Instagram doesn’t allow posting from third-party apps, good news for social media managers with multiple Instagram accounts, Hootsuite has recently made scheduling possible – throw confetti!

Now you can schedule a week’s worth of content and enjoy your vacation. To top if off, Hootsuite generates analytics reports that help you keep track of your social media campaigns performance. So if you’re looking a dream app to effectively manage your social media accounts, give it a go!

Cost: The basic app is free; Hootsuite Pro runs $8.99 per month. Additional features with Pro include adding up to 50 profiles, scheduling maximum 350 posts at a time and monitoring and publishing unlimited content from blogs and profiles to your social profiles.

IFTTT – (If This Then That)

The app that helps connect products or apps you use every day in many interesting ways. DO recipes enable you to create your own personalized shortcuts to quickly perform an action while IF recipes create incredible connections with just one simple mechanic – if this then that.

For instance, you can create a recipe that like “IF I receive email attachments, THEN save them to a folder in Google Drive.”

Simple and productive, isn’t it? The site has thousands of recipes, but if you haven’t found the one you’re looking for, fret not, you can always customize your own!
To save your time, here’s IFTTT’s favourite time-saving recipes that aim to help you be more efficient here:


“I had a need to access my notes on the go via multiple mobile devices. I had several projects underway which required managing large numbers of documents.” – Craig Jurrow, the author of Time Management Ninja on why he uses Evernote.

Not just Craig, many of our SupaAgents have also been a fan of Evernote for a long time. If you’re a paperless person who always have trouble keeping things organized, it’s time to move your content to the digital notebook app. Or if you have back to back meetings frequently, leveraging all of your devices can ease the access to your notes from any location. With saved search and tag functions, you can now create lots of Notes and Notebooks without losing track of important notes with this highly searchable app.

Cost: The basic app is free; Evernote Plus charges RM49 while Premium charges RM99 per year. Additional features include offline access to notes, passcode lock, scanning and digitizing business cards, viewing previous version of notes and more.


Finally, here’s a Supa-useful one for you Sales people.. You can thank us later ;). Contactually helps you organize your relationships into groups and remind you to follow up with them. You can customize its own reminder time as you’ll want to get in touch with some contacts very often (hot leads) and some less frequent (old clients, referrals). By simply responding to your reminders few times a week, you’ll soon discover new opportunities from people you already know! Sounds easy to maintain your relationships with everyone and generate business from your network, right?

Cost: Basic starts at $35 per month, Professional charges $59 per month and Enterprise $125 per month. Additional features include bulk messaging up to 300 per day, tracking sales, introduction templates and more.

What are the apps that can boost your productivity? Let us know in the comments below!

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