5 tips to improve your Google searches

With over 3 billion Google searches on a typical day, how effective are you in finding what you are looking for? Here’s a few tips for you that even tech savvy users may not be aware of:

Use quotation marks


If Singapore wasn’t quoted, Google will simply return a list of fitness centres in irrelevant location. Using quotes to search for the exact phrases can limit the pages returned and reduce unwanted results.

Take suggestions


Sometimes you may not know what exactly you’re looking for, worry not, let Google suggests you! As you’re typing your search terms, the search engine will suggest related searches.

Use the ‘-‘ sign


You probably already know that you should be searching unique and specific terms, but have you ever used minus (-) sign? For example, when searching for startup list, references to the technology category will also be returned. Use Startup list –technology to exclude references to tech category to narrow down the search.

Use “OR” operator


By using this operator (all caps), you give the search engine a choice to return results with either of homemade recipes cereals or homemade recipes oatmeals.

Use “filetype”


If you want to have a result only in PDF formate, search your keyword along with filetype:pdf. The search engine will not show websites containing “Taiwan travel itenarary” but only PDF files.

We hope these tips will help you to search faster and more effective. If there’s other tip you think we should know, please feel free to comment below!

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