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Going to the office is not a fun thing to do. Admit it, nobody fancies the rush hour commutes, the office politics and not to forget the antiquated workplace practices. Yet, it is inevitable to have a day-job in order to make ends-meet. However, there are actually ways to make such a routine fun, productive and enjoyable, while making your office feels like a wonderland.

Whether you are a boss, or an employee, here we present you healthy workplace cultures that you can implement in your office today.


Don’t be a Jerk

How to Please your Colleagues

It is the first rule in the playbook as it easily keeps the good vibes circulating within your office’s atmosphere. 

Jerks can take up many forms; they can be your boss or your colleagues, but remember, change starts within you. One way to do this is to practice intellectual humility, which is what Google’s head of people operations, Laszlo Bock, describes as the ability to step back and embrace other people’s ideas when they’re better. 

You should also avoid narcissism, as Bock mentions that self-centredness may contribute to an unhealthy workplace culture.

The choice is always yours, as Hamlet once said,  you can choose “to be or not to be” (that jerk).


It is an office, not a graveyard

Fun Office Game

Most offices still adhere to some antiquated practices to “ensure productivity”. It is true that rules are fundamental in ensuring efficiency however, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.    

So while it isn’t a walk in the park, there is no harm in introducing a little bit of fun into your workplace. To do this, managers should make it a habit to evaluate morale in the office by observing the atmosphere.

If the whole company looks dull and demotivated, try incorporating small breaks or activities like ping-pong, board games, or the occasional pigeon shooting session to lift spirits. According to this study, games are proven to contribute to workplace happiness and boost productivity.  

This will create a friendlier, happier and overall healthier vibe in the office that will improve your workplace culture while enhancing productivity in an instant. 


Communication 101: Avoid Ambiguity  

Communicate Effectively at the Office

For employees, one of the most frustrating things about working in an organization is to put up with your superior’s or colleagues indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is very detrimental because it contributes to a lack of overall direction, lack of motivation and a decrease in productivity among employees.

Even though it’s hard to deal with, one way to curb indecisiveness is by practicing effective intrapersonal communication on all organizational levels. 

This can be done by asking questions like “I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, so could you give me an example?” to ensure that you are on the same page as your colleague or boss to avoid misinterpretation.

Bosses on the other hand can curb this issue by having firm decisions before conveying them to others, because your decision will shape the whole organization’s direction and actions. This can be done by practicing what Karen Friedman describes as having “direct, to the point and concise” communication when conveying instructions to your subordinates. 


Your office is not a Drone-Depot

How to be ProductiveManagers and bosses, have you ever felt stuck during some of your projects due to the lack of innovation from your team members? There is actually an easy solution to that: you can promote the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ within all levels, so that your employees would start seeing themselves as leaders which in turn spurs their creativity. 

This kind of environment is proven to generate innovative ideas and create more creative thinking as suggested by BIZFIT 2015 founder, Colin McGuire. Subsequently, the whole company will benefit from it organically, as employees will constantly encourage and inspire each other from the whole process.


Sharing is Caring

Good Managers

Leaders, bosses, managers and future CEOs, this one is dedicated for you.

Even though it’s basic, it’s something that most forget to do; sharing creates a lovely bond that has wide-ranging positive effects. 

When ideas are shared, everyone feels as if they’ve equally participated in reaching the company’s overall goals. You’ll be impressed by how employees will be more likely to root with you than stand against you, and they will come to value your guidance, as they feel appreciated and valued.


Keep the bench comfy for your MVPs (most valuable players) but don’t kick out the weak ones

Team Work Boost Productivity

Building a good strong team is not an easy task. One of the ways to nail it is to introduce healthy competition among your employees. When doing so, managers should recognize their most valuable players and even the less efficient ones in order to create a dynamic team that supports each other. 

Encouraging your employees with bonuses, recognition, salary increments and public acknowledgement are also ways that would definitely and make them feel appreciated which will in turn boost their satisfaction.


All in all, it’s important to remember that a healthy workplace can ensure the development of a well-functioning team, and both employers and employees will be benefit from it. Implementing these aforementioned practices will definitely create a healthier and progressive workplace culture that will see a boost in productivity in no time!


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