A Dashing New Look to our Dashboard!


After months of getting feedback from our users (some angry ones that have left deep scars), we’re happy to announce that our User Dashboard has got a new look!


People always say that change is always hard but not in this case, we were happy to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new especially when it meant that there’d be some new features for our users.

So what’s new?

Say hello to colour­coding!
Now we’ve introduced different colour blocks for our task status’ which makes it all the easier to vet through your existing tasks. So there’ll be no more squinting needed, just easy screening.


How many Hands again?
Since we’re on a roll of introducing features designed at making it easier for users, we’ve also decided to make it a little clearer on how many Hands each task has taken. So now it’ll always be clear how many Hands each of your tasks has taken, helping you keep track of it all.


To the left, to the left.
Heeding the words of Beyonce, we’ve shifted everything from the right sidebar to the left. So no need to panic once you’ve signed in to your dashboard, everything is still there right from creating New Tasks, to purchasing more Hands, to redeeming your voucher codes.


Better filtering
Before this, using the dragdown list to filter through your tasks based on its status was truly.. well, a drag. We’ve gone and done away with that and have placed these filters on the left sidebar as well. So all you’ll need to do now is to just click on a status and voila! all those tasks with that status will appear in no time.

So how does this new dashboard beat the old one?
Even though we know that these aren’t major changes but these improvements were all made with our users (YOU!) in mind. Being virtual assistants, we understand that our value is in helping you save time and we wanted that to be visible in how the dashboard was designed as well. This then led to the creation of these new features so that you didn’t have to spend the extra time you didn’t have by going through tasks.

Besides that, the old dashboard looked washed out and tired and we felt that this wasn’t reflecting what we wanted to show our users which was that we were excitedand eager to help them and that Supahands was a place of happiness because when you’re on Supahands, you knew that you were getting things done and who isn’t joyed over that?

So, Love it? Hate it? Sad there isn’t something included? Let us know! Drop us an email at so that we can continue making improvements to create a Supa­dashboard that is seamless and easy for you to use.

We hope you’ll enjoy these changes and happy delegating Supa­users! Experience the change and start delegating away at

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