Sam – A day in the life of a SupaAgent

We’ve already shared with you Celeste’s typical day as a SupaAgent, take a quick read here , if you missed it. This time, we asked SupaAgent Sam how she juggles more than one job without going crazy.


Here’s her testimony:

I have always enjoyed working as a SupaAgent until I got employed full time and found myself in the ever-changing digital media industry not long after I received my degree certificate. At first I imagined that it’d be impossible to handle a second job, but it turned out to not be a big deal. Why? Because one of the best perks of being a SupaAgent is in its flexible working hours! How often can you find a job which allows you to work anytime and anywhere, right? So what do I do when I have weekends alone? Grab a cup of tea, put on my SupaAgent hat, turn on the radar and dive into the Supahands dashboard.
On the taskboard I see that SupaUser Jim has sent in a task to help him plan a trip to Taiwan. As I love travel planning, I don’t hesitate to pick it up before any other SupaAgent does. It looks like he’s looking for me to research on flights, must-see’s and must-eats, how fun!
Before planning the travel itinerary, I first search and compare discounted flights to Taipei on, Skyscanner and Expedia to make sure that he’s getting the best deal. I then move into the itinerary planning by writing down the most recommended attractions, events and must-eats based of popular local sites. Oh, and how can I miss out the ‘XXL crispy fried chicken cutlet’ from the Shihlin night market? Yummy! Doing all this fun researching almost made me forget that I’m only doing my job as a SupaAgent!
Not every job is like this one and sometimes it’s tough when I’m meant to gather information that seems impossible to seek, but I sure learn a little from each of them.
It’s definitely not easy to strike a balance between the two hats, but being a SupaAgent is something I’ll continue doing as it’ll always bring big-to-small surprises to my life.

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