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Dewi – SupaAgent of the Month (July 2017)

Over the past few years, finding alternative means to earn a living has gained its popularity as a solid career choice, with more and more people signing up to be drivers for ride sharing apps, freelancers who are not tied down to any particular company or even errand runners executing physical microtasks during the day. It could be the flexibility of working time, effort, or location that draws people in. But for Dewi, being a SupaAgent was for a special cause. Continue Reading


Introducing Supahands Workplace

At Supahands, communication is literally our key to scale. Our primary operations rely heavily on the communication between project managers and our fleet of SupaAgents (on-demand workers), to ensure all project tasks and assignments are completed with care and
precision. Continue Reading


Easy Steps to an Effective Data-Driven Approach

“Data-driven” means decisions/actions that are driven by data. In other words, a person can use a set of acquired data as evidence to aid in his/her decision-making process, instead of relying on “gut feeling”.

The concept of “Data-driven” has long started since the 90s, when large corporations used it for more specialized purposes to aid in their management and operations decisions. Fast forward to today with the introduction of big data, Internet of Things (iOT), and tons of free analytic tools, this concept has evolved to be crucial for improving efficiency, not only for businesses, but also for mass consumers and startups as well. Essentially it is possible to acquire data for anything today, even the status of a tyre or the least favourite TV channel, allowing any Tom, Dick, and Harry to adopt this concept in their lives. Continue Reading


Hana – SupaAgent of the Month (June 2017)

It was 3 days before Hari Raya that Hana Fauzi was selected by our Project Managers as the SupaAgent of the month of June. We immediately contacted her to announce this award, and to our surprise, she is expecting a baby soon! It felt to us as if all these were God’s blessing for Hari Raya; It was truly an amazing experience, and an honour for us Supahands to present this. Continue Reading


Easy Printing with Gogoprint!

Make no mistake: the recent digital revolution hasn’t made print media any less important. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns that you can physically touch are more memorable and last longer in people’s minds than many digital campaigns. There are numerous concrete reasons why printing is still very much alive, especially when discussing business and marketing. We find that print advertising was an essential tool for reaching potential customers. Printed material is easier to read and navigate than digital content, plus excessive exposure to screens isn’t good for our physical wellbeing or happiness. This give Continue Reading