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SupaHeroes Stories – SupaTalker Steve

It’s that time of the month again, presenting our SupaHero for July – Meet Steve, our Business Development Team Lead. When he’s not busy schmoozing his way into closing deals, you will find him scuba diving, cooking, or running (embodying his favourite author, Haruki Murakami).

 Read on to find out more about Supahands’ smooth talker.  

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6 Traits Successful Digital Gig Workers Have

These days, people are increasingly drawn to work flexibility and having more time to themselves. Thus, with the help of the internet, it’s not surprising to see a growing number of people switching from traditional employment to independent work like digital gig work and freelancing.

Naturally, a different environment will have different requirements, and the people who are coming from a traditional 9-5 job will have to change accordingly to succeed in the digital gig economy. Here are 6 traits we’ve found that successful digital gig workers have:

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[Press Release] Supahands closes Series A funding round led by Patamar Capital

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 3, 2019 – Supahands has recently raised an undisclosed sum in its Series A funding led by Patamar Capital, a social venture capital firm focused on Southeast and South Asia, along with Cradle Seed Ventures. Patamar Capital’s investment comes out of its Investing in Women Fund, a fund for women-led businesses which was launched in 2017 in collaboration with the Australian Government’s Investing in Women Initiative. The Malaysian-born tech company’s previous round of fundraising includes investments from 500 Startups, Axiata Digital Innovation Fund as well as Cradle Seed Ventures. Continue Reading


Digital Gig Workers Who Don’t Plan Are Planning To Fail

The digital gig economy has perhaps forever changed the way we work, with more freedom and flexibility than ever, we are now able to work remotely at our own pace while adhering to deadlines. On an unseen level, the disruption brought about change in the daily routines of digital gig workers who are no longer confined to a fixed schedule. Differing from a 9-5 job, one is not tied down to a single task and place for a fixed amount of time every day (not forgetting commuting). However, with more freedom and flexibility comes more responsibility in managing oneself. Given so much flexibility, it’s imperative for one to plan their days ahead, as the nature of digital gig jobs is mainly project based.

Though there are many aspects to planning, this article focuses on two areas: Time and Finances.

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Did You Know These 3 Factors Kill Your Productivity

The recent digital revolution has birthed the emergence of the digital gig economy which has made flexible and remote working possible. More people than ever before are now dabbling into the world of digital gig work. As the flexible working trend continues to expand, one important aspect is the shift in the definition of productivity in the digital gig economy context. As with most digital workers, like our SupaAgents who also work remotely, productivity is defined as having to get the most done in the shortest time.

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