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Our Best Strategy for Effective Recruiting: Value-Based Hiring

Why do people leave their jobs or get fired? From our experience, one of the main reasons that we discovered leads back to mismatched expectations from either party. An employer could have expected a recent hire to possess a greater appetite for risk or a new employee could have expected more freedom and flexibility with the job. Whatever it is, it seems like an easy situation that can be avoided at the beginning. Then why does it still happen?

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Maintaining Your Physical, Social & Mental Wellness as a Gig Worker

As the year comes to an end with Christmas festivities and new year resolutions near in sight, many would take this time to reflect and unwind with family and friends. When you’re in an office-bound job, that’s easy to do. You simply leave the office, take a few days off work and come back when it’s time to start working again. As a digital gig worker, that narrative is not entirely the same. When you’re working from home the line between work and play can get blurred and many articles these days showcase the negative consequences on the wellness of this gig economy workforce. But is it all bad?

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