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Why Should Your Company Allow Pets in The Office

Once upon a time, most workplaces used to be filled with only humans. Sometimes… there are plants involve. However, things have gotten even better now. Companies are increasingly adopting the pets into their workplace program, which has been seen as key employee benefit, as well as a form of stress relief (if you’re an animal lover). It is said that sharing a workspace with your pet not only brings a peace of mind, but also some notable health benefits. We found this infographic by Petco , in collaboration with GHERGIC&Co.,  on the perks of bringing pets to work particularly ameowsing.

Benefits of Pet Friendly Office

Benefits of Pet Friendly Office

Pets at Supahands

We are definitely a pro-pets workplace and we’re loving it. Meet Bam and his little sister Pebbles! We’re proof that their presence in the office boosts our mood and takes some of the daily stresses of work away.






The cuteness can be distracting, but spending 3 seconds going “Awww” is definitely more productive than 3 minutes procrastinating on Facebook.


Other Companies That Are Nailing The Pets At Work Policy




Thanks to the late founder of The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group Inc, Bill Kimpton and his love of animals, employees today are allowed to bring their furry friends to work. Some hotels even have a “Director of Pet Relations,” a company dog posted at the front desk that helps greet guests. To help care for their pets, Kimpton also provides employees with pet insurance, bereavement leave in the case of a pet death, and on-site amenities like water bowls, treats, beds, and toys.



VM Ware


Back in 2011, VMWare’s Deputy General Counsel, Angela Padilla, noticed an increase in cross-department traffic after she brought in a foster dog. Years later, the visiting policy was made official. Now, employees who want to bring their dog to work simply have to sign an etiquette agreement and get their furkids outfitted with a tag and bandana.





Salesforce, the San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based software, is said to have some of the most dog-friendly policies around. Puppyforce, the company’s official pet policy, lets employees (up to 6 people) book a special room outfitted with soundproofed walls, water bowls, padded cages, dog beds, and cleaning wipes. To add, it also provides employees with pet insurance discounts, dog walking services, pet supplies, and vet house calls.




The king of unbelievable office perks, is so committed on supporting its employees’ dogs that it’s pawed right into the company’s code of conduct. It allows supervised dogs to come to the office and dog lovers can also join the Dooglers – a group of self-professed canine loving Google employees that often spend time at a dog-themed cafe on campus inspired by Yoshka, a Leonburger.

Think your office could do with a furry (or feathery) lift-me-up? E-mail this article to your boss and go “purry please?”

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