Boost Your Productivity At Work With These Awesome Tips

There are only so many hours at work, so making the most of your time at work is crucial. Being diligent in managing your time is an absolute must to be productive or would you rather put in more hours at work. This post will walk you through five simple and effective strategies to increase your productivity at work.

  1. Have 30-minute meetings

As Jeff Haden notes in an article, “whoever invented the one-hour default in calendar software wasted millions of people-hours”. The truth is that most meeting never need more than 30 minutes to accomplish their missions. Many really need only 15 minutes. Don’t be a calendar-default deadbeat.


  1. Light problems

A dull, dark workspace is not going to inspire creativity and imagination. Additional lamps can offer a more personal touch and help you to focus on your computer. For instance, a small lamp on your desk can help you read smaller-printed documents and reduce eye strain and headaches.


  1. Take regular breaks

Ever notice your colleague have lunch at his desk while staring at his computer to “quickly” finish off some reports? Some may think taking no breaks during work can get things done faster but it’s quite the opposite. The time-tracking app DeskTime found that the 10% most productive workers work on average of 52 minutes, then break for 17. People need regular breaks to recharge, otherwise they’ll spend all that extra time working at a sub-optimal level.


  1. Declutter your office desk

Desk full of paper, food wrappers, gadgets and everything else that makes its way into the office? As Leo Babauta writes, “For today’s knowledge workers, every distraction is a drain on productivity and sanity. Every ringing phone, instant message, flashing email reminder, pile of papers, cluttered sticky notes and phone messages and knick-knacks and memo posted on wall – each of these things slows you down, wastes your time and energy and stresses you out.”

It doesn’t have to be a full-scale cleaning job but just enough to give the place a good pick-me-up will do.


  1. Smell the roses – er, lemons

Try sniffing lemon – a study by a Japanese fragrance company, Takasago found that employees working on computers made 54% fewer typing errors when the air around them was lemon-scented.

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