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Make no mistake: the recent digital revolution hasn’t made print media any less important. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns that you can physically touch are more memorable and last longer in people’s minds than many digital campaigns. There are numerous concrete reasons why printing is still very much alive, especially when discussing business and marketing. We find that print advertising was an essential tool for reaching potential customers. Printed material is easier to read and navigate than digital content, plus excessive exposure to screens isn’t good for our physical wellbeing or happiness. This give your customers an excuse to get away from the screen for a while and spend 2-3 minutes reading the old fashioned way. In addition, our ability to retain information is better when we read printed materials.

Meet Gogoprint, first launched in November 2015 in Thailand. Gogoprint is an online printing company that offers SMEs, large corporations, and individuals easy and cost-effective print advertising materials and day-to- day business stationary. After a huge success in Thailand, Gogoprint has now expanded into Malaysia and Singapore. This online based printing service allows you to easily order any of the products you wish without moving an inch and offers free delivery all over Malaysia and Singapore.

We live in a digital world, where apps, social media, and websites definitely matter. However, this does not mean that printing is not necessary anymore. Tangibility of printed promotional material offers a tactile experience to customers.

An exchange of business cards is still very much standard business practice, and it is known that first impressions matter significantly in establishing trust and credibility for your business. Gogoprint understands this phenomenon and with the help of Gogoprint designers, they can fulfil any client’s need for professional business cards.

So what makes Gogoprint distinctive? What makes it stand out from the pack? First of all, Gogoprint runs solely online, meaning that orders can be made directly through Gogoprint’s website. This is a very simple process thanks to its user friendly website. Customers can easily browse through the various products offered and select the products they would like to print. All products are customizable, by choose format, type of paper, and refinement customers can select a product which fits their desired specifications. Customers can then select the quantity of the chosen product they wish to have printed as well as delivery time. Gogoprint incites price honesty and transparency, so there are no hidden charges, and everything is stated clearly to customers.

The right combination of printed and digital sources can be a great marketing tool for any business. Integrating your printed materials and digital campaigns can help build your brand and increase sales! Stick with the same concept, colours and style, and you’ll have an integrated campaign that is both professional and eye-catching. Print is not dead, and in many ways is still just as important in a digital world.

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