How We Helped A Restaurant Search App Acquire 4000+ Restaurants’ Information in Under a Month

Malaysia is a known food heaven, with options from traditional asian to contemporary western cuisine. Having such diverse selections can be very overwhelming for the public to search for a particular food in Malaysia, even with the help of Google.

Our client, a Malaysian-based restaurant search app, aims to solve this problem by incorporating all local restaurants’ information (contact details, social media links, location, type of cuisine, menu, and reviews) in one platform. However, they faced a fundamental problem when it came to preparing the database. It was a task that would require a lot of time and effort as there are thousands of restaurants in the Klang Valley alone.


Client’s Requirement

A little more than a month before the launch of their app, our client had 4000+ restaurants throughout Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and parts of Selangor) in their database, but required help to find more information on their list which included:

  1. All restaurants’ information (contact details, operation time, social media links, location, and type of cuisines).
  2. Restaurant Keyword Tags (for better search experience).


What Supahands did

We had just under a month to complete the database for all 4000+ restaurants, including the creation of keyword tags for all restaurants.

How is it possible?

In Supahands, we house more than 1,000 SupaAgents (curated remote workers) around the globe, allowing us to utilise the power of crowdsourcing to achieve such results in a short period of time. What’s best? Our client only paid for the total working hours spent by all workers, allowing them to optimise the cost spent on this.

Visit our website or speak to us directly to find out more on how you leverage on our crowdsourcing approach to save time and cost.





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