Here’s How We Cleared 5,000 Lines of Data in under 48 Hours

Our client is a major telecommunications service provider in Asia who also actively invests in fast-growing businesses. They needed help gathering information on a very prominent startup that was making waves across the region and they needed it fast. Supahands had the first and only discussion regarding the project on a Thursday afternoon, received the brief the next day, launched the project that evening itself and completed it by Sunday afternoon. That’s 5,000 rows of data populated in under 48 hours. This is how we did it.

When it comes to work, there really is nothing worse than having a backlog of tedious tasks that gather and gets bigger over time. Backlogs can be a distraction as they’re constantly at the back of your mind even as you try your best to focus on something else. They can also hamper growth both for you and your company as you spend numerous hours clearing them when you could be doing something else that’s much more productive. Our dedicated Project Manager, Charles understood the urgent need to execute this project as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With that in mind…

Here is how you get rid of backlogs quickly

How to clear backlogs

Our Project in Action


No project is too big for us to handle.

In fact, we love a good challenge and we can only do this with our remote fleet of 1200+ SupaAgents who are based all around Southeast Asia.

After all, we did manage to fill in 5,000 rows of data in just under 2 days.
Best part was that it was all done over the weekend!

Your work will never not have to face any bottlenecks or backlog issues and you can free time to focus on the bigger picture with Supahands working in the background on your behalf.

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