Learning Never Stops – Here’s How To Learn Something New Everyday

It would be arrogant to think that you already know everything that there is to know in this world. In order to be better at your job, relationships and just at life in general, you must never stop learning. We’ve all heard the classic excuse “I don’t have the time”. But what if we told you that here at Supahands HQ, we’ve found ways to “hack” different ways to learn that doesn’t take up as much time as you might think?

Listen to podcasts

Whether you’re studying or working, you probably spend at least an hour of your day commuting. As frustrating as getting stuck in traffic or cramped into a train carriage can get, we love making the best out of them by listening to podcasts.

Did you know that podcasts contain some of the best content on the Internet right now?

An Episode of Masters of Scale with Reed Hastings of Netflix

An Episode of Masters of Scale with Reed Hastings of Netflix

There is a podcast for everyone, from a business owner to a marketer. You just need to know where to find them. One podcast that we particularly enjoy is Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn. There, he speaks to the brightest minds in business these days including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Brian Chesky of AirBnB. Reid Hoffman covers a wide range of topics that usually revolve around how businesses scale to where they are today by tackling issues such as culture and raising money.

If you struggle with maintaining a library of podcasts, there are plenty of apps on the market that help you to manage every podcast that you listen to. Something like Podcast Addict allows you to search, subscribe and download your favourite channels. This will allow you to be organised and updated easily even when you’re on the go.

Watch videos on YouTube

This may be surprising to you considering the number of videos that get uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube can actually be a very good place to learn without spending too much time. There is a wide range of videos from short ones that last only 3 minutes to longer and “heavier” content that can even go up to an hour.

8 million subscribers to TED's YouTube channel

8 million subscribers to TED’s YouTube channel

For something bite-sized that you can listen to as you get ready for work in the morning, we highly recommend checking out TED’s channel. Most of the talks don’t even require you to look at the screen constantly so you can go about your morning routine as you listen to the videos play in the background.

Similarly to how you maintain your podcast, you can also easily create playlists via your own YouTube account which allows you to save your favourite videos and even save them to watch later.

Subscribe to a newsletter

The age of the electronic newsletter is most certainly not dead if you manage to find the ones that do it right. There are plenty of companies that claim to give you the “secret formula” to a successful newsletter, but the honest truth is, you just won’t know what works if you try out different styles of newsletters.

Our favourite newsletters aren’t necessarily short. Some of them take up to 10 minutes to read. But 10 minutes of great, educational content is still a very small portion of your day that you can afford to spend. For a fun twist to your daily morning roundup, we enjoy receiving newsletters from The Hustle. Witty, fresh and unique, it’s one e-mail that we look forward to everyday.'s Newsletter Example’s Newsletter Example


On the other hand, we also enjoy newsletters that consist of condensed bite-sized pieces of information, extracted from longer articles. does this especially well as they frequently compile their most popular message threads and share it with subscribers. Digital marketers will find this especially useful as there are so many updates to the different advertising platforms that they use regularly. This way, you can absorb all the key highlights of a particular industry very easily without having to spend an hour of your morning scrolling through the internet for them.

Finally, just make a habit out of learning

It’s been said that it takes 21 days to make a habit out of something. So if you spend the first three weeks finding small blocks of time within your daily schedule to learn something new, you’ll be well on your way to learning something new everyday.

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