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Are Your Employees Happy At Work? If not, You Should READ This

No matter how great your organisation’s vision and mission are, your business can’t move forward without good talent, who are happy with their jobs. Happy employees  will result in better productivity and engagement, as well as less absenteeism, stress and burnout. So, it’s important for you as an employer to ask yourself – are your employees happy at work?

Recently, – a job search marketplace, did a survey of 5,256 respondents across different age groups, genders and education levels from various industries in Malaysia. Surprisingly, the number of unhappy talent is as twice more than the ones who actually love their jobs.

To elaborate further, 52% of them are unhappy and feel disengaged within their roles, 23% percent feel neutral about their work, while only 25% are happy and have a sense of appreciation for their jobs. So, what causes this dissatisfaction towards their jobs?

The job site dug deeper and found that ‘Management and Leadership team’ emerged as the main reason why employees are unhappy with their jobs. Besides that, 21% of the respondents believe that ‘Opportunities for career development’ is another major contributing factor, followed by ‘Boss or immediate superior’.

What if your company is facing the same predicament? What can you do to keep your employees happy? Here are some common suggestions that will help.


#1 Value your workforce

This can be done by either recognising employees that are making progress or giving positive reinforcement to your team when they’re doing difficult tasks. These will make them feel much more valued and help them to be better at what at they’re currently doing. This can be done either via regular reviews with your staff or simply just having a casual chat about work over a cup of coffee. Plus, speaking to your team individually will also be a good opportunity to exchange feedback and let them know if they’re heading in the right direction that’s aligned with yours as a leader.


#2 Help with career development

Sometimes, it’s not just about the remuneration of the benefits. Many talented people willingly accept a job offer if it means that they’ll get to further refine their existing skills or even gain a new skill out of it. So, help them sharpen their skillset or introduce them to something new for them progress further in career development. Create an atmosphere that celebrates learning by holding in-house training sessions or send them to courses provided by experts in various fields.


#3 Take a step back

No one likes to be micro-managed. In fact, we’ve discussed  this previously in another article. By taking a step back and allowing them to take charge of their role, you will give your employees the impression that you are confident of their capabilities and potential. This would make them want to perform better and reach your goals and KPIs with you.


#4 Communicate openly

By communicating openly about things that are happening at work, your staff will feel important; like they’re part of the company. Make sure you’re keeping employees in the loop regarding things like structural changes that affect the bottom line or new strategic initiatives that will shape the company’s future. This will help them understand how and why the work they are doing is important.

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