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The idea of “going to work” can often carry a negative connotation. When someone says they have to work, it usually brings up images of sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours every Monday to Friday. That doesn’t always have to be the case because there are many ways you can introduce innovation into your own work-life and keep things interesting for yourself. These are tried and tested methods by the Supahands team so you know you’re in good hands!

Bounce ideas off a non-team member

Most startups tend to begin with one-man teams handling each division. You’ll get the solo Marketing person, the lonely developer if it’s a tech company,  and the CEO who usually double hats as the sole salesperson. Even as time goes on, all teams will naturally grow in tandem with the company but it’s also natural for team members to turn to each other when it comes to planning and strategy.

The Supahands team

The Supahands team


We found that while key discussions can be fruitful when it only involves selected people, it’s easy to get “tunnel vision”. This is especially the case when you’ve been through multiple iterations of a strategy and nothing seems to be working as well as you had hoped for. Within Supahands, we often turn to people from different teams for their opinion as everyone had qualities that complement each other. For example, the Marketing team definitely “borrowed” an idea or two from the Operations team when it came to tracking all our data and formalising the many relationships that we have with business partners, vendors and suppliers. The Tech team also has turned to our Business Consultants for ideas when it came to building our suite of product offerings as it’s the client-facing consultants that would have the best idea on common pains faced by our clients.

Switch working spots regularly

We think that the concept of an open-office is great, despite what many studies nowadays may have you believe. It encourages communication between peers and made our founders more accessible to everybody. It also gives us more room for collaboration as a person sitting at an open table is way more approachable than one hunched over in a cubicle.

However, even being in an open office can stifle creativity if you’re facing the same view every single day for hours at a time. In order to approach work with a fresh mind, many of us here at Supahands like to switch places every so often. This allows us to escape the confines of a fixed desk and find a spot according to our mood. When working in total silence is required, some would often find themselves camping in the meeting room so distraction is minimal. And then there are times when it feels like your chair feels a little bit too stiff today, and a switch to the sofa or bean bag is the most productive spot in the world.

Immerse yourself in an innovative culture

Supahands co-founders Susian (L) and Mark (R) built a culture that's passionate and positive about what we do

Supahands co-founders Susian (L) and Mark (R) built a culture that’s passionate and positive about what we do

It’s hard to make something a habit if you feel like you’re the only person doing it. That’s why the fitness world has seen a boom in a variety of group-oriented workouts lately. Doing something collectively as a group is more motivating for an individual as you feel everybody working towards a common goal. It also encourages friendly competition between yourself and your peers as you try and best each other at the smallest thing, resulting in a lot of self-improvement along the way.

Similarly for work, the people you surround yourself with will have a very strong impact on your outlook towards your job. Being around people who love ideate and create encourages the same values within yourself. While we don’t have the magic formula for spotting an innovative culture in a company, we know that innovation comes with a lot of passion and positivity. People who are passionate about what they do will always find new ways to make it interesting and engaging without letting boring routines drag them down.

It usually always starts with the people who founded the company as what they believe in and their values are translated into the people they hire and the type of company they build.

Innovation is at the very essence of what takes place at Supahands. We know that in order to innovate to help others, we need to be innovative ourselves. From how we solve problems for our clients to how we keep up with our growing base of remote SupaAgents, the culture of disrupting and inventing never stops. From our early days of being just a virtual assistant service provider to now a full-fledged B2B service with our own workforce management platform, API solutions and more on the way, we are in the habit of building unique products that make work a lot less tedious and a lot of productive and fulfilling for our clients and SupaAgents.

Want to find out more? Watch this space to stay updated or simply fill up this form with your details and we’ll be more than happy to speak to you about it.

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