Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Interns For Granted

Interns are valuable assets that are often overlooked and undervalued. They’re stereotypically given tasks like transporting coffee, shredding paper or data entry – jobs viewed as soul-numbing and a waste of time. Unfortunately, for some of them, these  things have become the reality of their internship experience. Organisations shouldn’t equate their lack of experience with lack of intellect. If you find yourself doing the same thing, it’s time to fix it.

Mark Koh

Having said that, we’re not dismissing the fact that hiring interns can be a nightmare at times. The key is to have a good, well-planned internship programme; and you’ll attract great students. So, don’t take them for granted.

Supahands’ Co-founder and CEO, Mark Koh, shares: “ We have a diverse group of interns from different locations, which creates cultural diversity in the team. This is good because different cultures bring different skills and knowledge. Usually, they will be working on different parts of the business – projects that will help them to gain more experience, rather than just making coffee, photocopying, running around doing admin work… We prefer our interns to get hands-on experience on projects.”


Benefits of Hiring an Intern

#1 Brand New Perspectives

Susian Yeap

According to our co-founder and COO, Susian Yeap, by bringing in students who are foreign to your company, you are able to get a fresh outlook on your business as a whole. You can do this by including those interns in brainstorming sessions and encourage them to speak up in meetings.

Diane Docherty

Our Office Manager, Diane Docherty, feels the same way too. She said: “Supahands benefits from having interns working with us, as they bring a lot of fresh ideas because they see things from an outsider’s point of view.”


#2 Extra Pair of Hands

Sometimes, work can be awfully hectic. So, to have an intern to assist you is a relief. Plus, you get to accomplish goals or finish the projects on time too. This is how you maximise your interns’ capabilities;

  • Prepare a list of tasks before they start their internship with you. Not only will this help in keeping track on what they’ll be doing and their KPIs, but also give them objectives and help them understand why they’re doing the work.
  • Give them meaningful tasks that will help them learn new skills or gain more knowledge about the industry. This can be as an individual or within group work. It’s also a good way to empower your interns.
  • Make sure to assign someone to supervise them. At least they know who to talk to when they’re stuck. Also, do encourage them to speak to your team members to promote collaboration.
  • Don’t forget to include them in your discussions or meetings. This will promote teamwork within an organisation or department. Also, refer to benefit number 1.


#3 Talent Scouting

Yeap also highlights: “This can also be a good opportunity to look for talent. It’s better than starting anew because they already have the idea on how your company runs and the mutual working relationship.”  Besides that, it will also help in your talent pool shortage. Take Fortune 500 for example, it retains over 80% of their interns, as well as entry-level hires.


#4 Create Strong Leaders

When you allow your employees to mentor your interns, this will motivate and train them to be stronger leaders. By helping and educating these young people to accomplish their set goals, you will see more  potential leaders emerge from within your business.


There you go, the benefits of valuing your interns. We hope you can now see they are not just there as your personal assistance or to fill that shortage of talent, but are able to contribute more, if you let them. At Supahands, we are still improving on how we can make things better that will benefit both parties – the interns and organisation.  

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Are you looking for an internship opportunity?  Do you want to be part of Supahands? Check out what some our interns have to say about us in their own words:


Nicolas Bedes, France, European Master in Business Studies (EMBS)

Nicolas Bedes


“Before Supahands, I met with a number of recruiters, but none of them caught my attention like Supahands did, due to its team’s dynamism. The way the company works and its structure helped me understand better how various departments within a business coordinate. It also gave me a concrete insight on entrepreneurship. Plus, it is really motivating to see that one single person can push the whole team, to create new changes in the working process. This opportunity is gold, compared to other organisations.”


Aleksandra Drakulić, the Netherlands, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences(HVA)

Aleksandra Drakulić

“I wasn’t sure at first. After doing some research, I decided that Supahands would be the most suitable company for me! I like how there’s such thing like a blurred hierarchy at the office. This creates a very nice atmosphere.You can ask anyone, anything, at any time. I have also learned how to manage my time better than I did before. The interesting part – there are fun events organised every now and then.”


Burak Coban, the Netherlands, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences(RBS)

Burak Coban


“The website draws attention and Supahands’ career page has a lot of pictures of the team, which made me want to be part of this fast growing startup. As for my tenureship here, I had some very good insight about in-depth tools we use at Supahands for daily operations, as well as the analytics that make the company tick. What I like about this company is the good working atmosphere. There is always time for a joke or small chit chat. We work hard at Supahands, but at the same time we do fun stuff as well i.e. frisbee, hiking and playing Futsal quite often.”


Mira Ohm, Germany, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

Mira Ohm

“I was doing another internship before this and it was not as nice as it is in Supahands. As I started less than two months ago, I think I am still finding out what I can absorb and learn, while working here. But, for sure I’ve already learned how to better manage my time. Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to help in writing the new ‘Guidelines’ for new employees, learning how to communicate on a more professional basis and learning how to multitask by being part of several projects. I must say that I very much enjoy the working culture here. The people are very nice, questions are always good and accepted by superiors. Not to mention, the CEO sit with their employees.”

Thomas van Ham, the Netherlands,  Avans University of Applied Sciences

Thomas van Ham


“Supahands seemed to be a fast moving startup, with a lot of young highly motivated employees. I’ve learned to work together in teams with the help of useful tools and technology. Also, my English is improving and this can help me in my further career. I enjoy the happy atmosphere, where fun and hard work are combined. To add, the activities next to work are really fun like futsal or hiking.”


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