Should Your Sales Team Waste Time On Lead Generation?

It doesn’t matter whether your business is just starting out or has been thriving for years, the success and growth of your company depends on leads. Without a doubt, leads are like the oxygen to keep your company alive. According to Sirius Decisions, the average sales person only makes two attempts to reach a prospect. The question is now – should you be pushing your sales team’s effort to look for more potential clients or should they focus on building relationships and closing deals?


Of course, this depends on how fast you want to scale your business and your team’s efficiency. You also need to consider how much of that time was spent on prospects that have not and will not turn into clients. This is what we called “The Black Hole” and the loss of productivity by it is massive.

That been said, you can definitely avoid this by minimising the expenses associated with prospecting in the first place. Why not hire a full time prospector to do the nitty gritty stuff? By segmenting your department, you will boost productivity.

Or even better, hire Supahands! We are able to align expenses more rationally with the work being performed. Driven by our in-house technology, we are able to identify and cultivate potential customers for a business’ products or services.  This could include going through multiple online sources to find extensive information about leads. All you have to do is to brief us about the type of leads from a particular industry that you prefer, the criteria and information that you need.

So, let your sales team to focus on more high-level activities and get in touch with us today!

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