5 Myths About Business Process Outsourcing Debunked

Outsourcing continues to be a huge and multi-dimensional industry all by itself. According to World Bank, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) revenues could soar to well over US$50 billion and provide some 2.6 million jobs by 2020. Nevertheless, given the size and scale, it’s often hard to see the whole outsourcing elephant, when it’s up close. So, here’s some help to dispel some of the myths around outsourcing.

#1 It’s Costly

Costly? Not at all! Outsourcing can offer a saving of around 20% to 30% on the salary costs of hiring in-house staff. This is due to economies of scale and efficiencies we are able to introduce, with the experience of best practice from working with so many different firms. However, this will vary from firm to firm, depending on the size and complexity of the project that’s to be outsourced. More often than not, outsourcing companies will implement solutions that not only support, but improve existing processes, while also reducing costs.


#2 Not For Startups

This is not true. Size does not matter here at Supahands. While larger companies are accustomed to making outsourcing a routine activity, startups have not exactly been shy about wooing “outside” partners and forming an ecosystem that supports each party within it. Having the advantage of smaller teams and less clashing opinions, startups tend to know exactly what they want from the vendor and they end up saving huge amounts of time before launching their project. In addition, they now have the option to choose companies that offer flexible plans that suit their budget like how Supahands does.


#3 No Control Or Visibility Of Your Project

When it comes to outsourcing, many business owners often believe that they will lose control or visibility over their project. At Supahands, our Project Manager will execute your project with your business goals and needs in mind. In addition, they will keep you updated from time to time on the progress. KPIs and SOPs are set before a project even launches so we know exactly how to manage both parties’ expectations.   

#4 Your Data Is At Risk

We understand the concerns about revealing confidential information about not just the company, but also their clients or customers. That’s why it is very important to always do your own due diligence and research when finding the right outsourcing company to work with.  Here at Supahands, we observe strict compliance standards and best practices. Moreover, members have signed the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect clients’ sensitive data.


#5 Remote Workforce Is Unreliable

This myth is prevalent especially among companies that adopt a more traditional approach to business. It is important to note that most remote workers prefer the independence and autonomy of self-employment, and often have a high level of skill and motivation developed during the length of their career. To add, hiring remote workers allows access that’s unaffected by borders to some of the most highly skilled talent in any given industry. At Supahands, all of our remote SupaAgents have to pass an assessment before they can join the team and begin working on tasks. They are also trained to make sure that we give our clients speedy and quality service.

All in all, to prosper in a very tight market, businesses need to realise that BPOs, when done right, is more of a strategic advantage than a liability. Apart from the significant cost savings, outsourcing has also become a lever for business growth and innovation. So, don’t fall for the myths that you may have heard through the grapevine and give it a try. We provide free consultation so we will be upfront and honest about what we can do for you. Simply fill up the form below and we’ll be in touch!


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