Save 50% Cost On Customer Service – Here’s How

American entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, once said that “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”. In shocking contrast, Forbes reported a year ago that businesses were losing $62 billion a year through bad customer service. So it’s baffling when a company does not invest the right amount of effort into achieving top notch customer service. It’s not uncommon for one to think that customer service is a difficult hurdle as staff retention and training in this department is challenging. However, what if we told you that there’s a cheaper and much more efficient alternative that requires very little of your time and provides excellent results?

Addressing outsourcing concerns

You may have heard before that outsourcing carries many benefits. We sure do talk about it often enough. However, even regular advocates of outsourcing have reservations when it comes to outsourcing their customer service operations. And we totally understand! How will you quality control or screen the conversations going on between your customer service representative and your clientele? How will you ensure that they respond to questions correctly? On the other hand, we think that those concerns will pale in comparison when you have to deal with the problems of hiring, training and retaining in-house staff who will take care of your customers for you. Unless you have a very big team, setting this up and keeping it running will take up a large chunk of your time.

Here’s an example of how we helped one of our clients with their customer service operations, without compromising on quality, and helped them save 57% of cost in the long run.

Supahands client

Our client helps you and I sell our used cars easier and faster

Who are they?

They run a used-car selling platform that’s operational in 3 countries across Southeast Asia. They either buy cars directly from customers looking to sell, or they act as a middle-man between over 1,000 used-car dealers and customers.

As the company was growing so fast, they needed to be able to cope with the number of enquiries and sales submissions coming through their platform. Keep overhead costs in all 3 countries was a massive issue and staff retention was difficult. Their in-house solution took up too much of their small team’s time and it was not scalable enough to keep up with their growth.

Enter Supahands

We knew we had a delicate project on our hands (hah, get it?), as we were going to be representing not just ourselves but also our client. With both companies’ reputations on the line, every little detail had to be planned out clearly from the working schedules for our SupaAgents to the scripts for different scenarios that they may face.

Set up time

After extensive discussions between ourselves and our client, our Project Manager began recruiting the number of SupaAgents that would ensure that there would be no unattended gaps in our clients’ service hours. Within a month, all SupaAgents required were trained and ready, and the project was ready to launch.

Celebrate with Supahands

Supahands loves celebrating achievements with our clients

The results

To ensure that our client’s faith in us did not go to waste, all conversations were recorded and monitored regularly by a dedicated Project Manager to ensure that everything was carried out exactly as planned.

After 2 months of executing customer service operations for our client, our team of SupaAgents completed 650 hours of work. This works up to roughly 10 hours per day of undivided customer service attention for the client’s customers. As a result, we managed to save them 57% on total operational costs including the cost of the management team’s time to hire, train and retain in-house staff. A rough estimate showed us that we saved the client’s team a precious 20 hours a month so far. This means they salvaged an extra 20 hours a month to focus on executing key strategic work instead.

What’s next?

We continue the work that takes a whole load off our clients and get ready to scale together with them. As for you reading this right now, is this something that you want for your business? Perhaps you’re looking generate some leads? What about that backlog of data that you need help tidying up?

There’s a lot that our very talented SupaAgents can do. We’d love to hear about it so let us get in touch with you for a chat.

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