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Startup Kit: Your 1-Stop Guide To Scale Your Business

Getting off on the right foot is essential to navigating a startup from its infancy to profitability. Hence, we’ve decided to curate a start-up kit with content to assist you on running your business and keep the ball rolling. It covers all aspects of a start-up, from finance, human resource, customer care, resources to manage your tasks and more. In no chronological order, here are the insightful input that might be palatable to the brain.

Scale up your business

Scale up your business

#1 Business Strategy

A business plan is not only to attract venture capitalists or obtain bank loans. It is the roadmap for even the smallest or earliest-stage idea. It can foster alignment, set the tone for the business and even help you craft your brand message, which will impact your business growth. For tips, read Improve Your Business Plan From Good To SupaAwesome.


#2 Venture Capitals & Investors

One of the  reason startups fail is because they ran out of cash. You need to understand how much cash is left and whether that will carry the company to the next milestone. Check out the list of venture capital firms, investors and accelerators available in APAC. If you’re looking into crowdfunding, we also wrote about its benefits. With both options in mind, they can be useful for your decision making process. Other than, you might want to give angel investors a shot too. To prep for that, read 4 Main Questions Startups Need To Ask Before Approaching Angel Investors.


#3 Customer Service

If your business is new in the market, it’s a guarantee that customers/clients plays an important aspect of your business. It’s vital to meticulously take care of your customers’ needs and satisfactions. In Why Customer Service Is Important To Startups, we explain how maintaining happy customers can help your company to grow.


#4 Team Management

The hiring process and management of your team can be a pain point. With so many other things to take care of, mistakes are bound to happen. This is especially true when loads of paperwork and excel sheets are involved. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of HR Apps and Software From APAC For Startups and Small To Medium Businesses, for your human resource convenience and ease the headache.


#5 Increase Productivity

To be jack of all trades can be overwhelming, which will affect your work rate. Thanks to today’s technology, there are so many resources that can help you manage your startup smartly. While we can’t highlight the thousands of them at your disposal, we have put together essential apps and tools that is extremely useful. Check out 5 Apps To Boost Your Productivity and if you’re in Malaysia, you might fancy the resources available in the country. They will definitely assist you in working efficiently and give you the edge in a fast-changing business world.

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#6 Business Competition

Competition has its own pros and cons. However, more often than not it can help you in moving your business forward and be innovative. Read Why Competition Is Good For your Business? to get entrepreneurs’ insights about this matter.


#7 Recruit The Best Team

Behind every great company is the talented team. It is important to hire the best talent for your startups or small businesses in order for you scale faster. Check out 6 Tips To Woo The Best Talent and Building The Right Team For Your Startup for more input.


We hope that this insight will help you in expanding your startup better. Be sure to bookmark this article’s link as it will be updated with more guides in various areas. If you have any ideas on topics that startups should be informed of or would like to chat about any of the topics posted, drop us an e-mail at


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