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Do You Have These Successful Entrepreneurs’ Traits?

Being a successful business owner requires a mix of characteristics that are both innate and learnt. However, there are a few characteristics many entrepreneurs have in common. Do you have any of these traits? Maybe you were born to be an entrepreneur. If you don’t – no worries. Good thing is they can all be picked up with some practice.


#1 Confidence

If you are confident, achieving almost everything seems possible. However, we are not born to be completely confident. It is something we build over time. More often than not, it is the fear of the unknown that holds us back. So, how do we conquer this feeling that is hampering our independence? We tackled this issue before with our article,  8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Confidence to help you on this matter.


#2 Curious

Curiosity is said to be at the core of every business’ effort. It is important to know how things work. Not only is it great for personal development, it can also help in scaling your business further.  If you’re not curious, you will not be able to solve problems or come out with innovative ideas. Check out the positive benefits in  Culture of Innovation – Curiosity As The Main Drive and get more tips on how you can enhance this trait for yourself and team members.


#3 Risk-taker

Taking risky action can be scary, especially when you’re trying something new. This is why successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to make mistakes. They realise that everything they do will not be perfect, but they won’t let that hold them back from moving forward. Find out about the 8 Things We Learnt From Malaysia Business Student Summit 2017, where we heard directly from top Malaysian entrepreneurs.


#4 Creative & Innovative

Successful entrepreneurs have the creative capacity to recognise and pursue opportunities. This is why design thinking is important and guess what? You don’t need to go to Design School to learn it. You can read more about the process of design thinking here.


#5 Compassionate

Many leaders believe that there is no place for compassion in the business world. Having said that, there are studies that show how having empathy can benefit you and your business in the long run.  To know more you can read Empathy Is Vital In Helping Your Business Grow.


There you go – Some of  the many traits of a successful entrepreneur. Is there any other traits that you know and would like share with us. Let us know at the comment box.

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