Dewi – SupaAgent of the Month (July 2017)

Over the past few years, finding alternative means to earn a living has gained its popularity as a solid career choice, with more and more people signing up to be drivers for ride sharing apps, freelancers who are not tied down to any particular company or even errand runners executing physical microtasks during the day. It could be the flexibility of working time, effort, or location that draws people in. But for Dewi, being a SupaAgent was for a special cause.

After almost a year of working as a Software Engineer in Surabaya, Indonesia (the 2nd largest city of the country), Dewi decided to move back to her hometown Dampit (a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains and the ocean) to live and take care of her aging parents.

A beautiful sunset view in Dampit, Indonesia, that Dewi took during a casual bike ride

However, the transition from a full time software engineer to a more flexible option wasn’t easy, as jobs don’t come by that easily, let alone part-time ones that could provide a steady flow of income. This led Dewi to explore other steadier opportunities on the web, and eventually discovered Supahands and the chance to be a SupaAgent, an option that allows one to work on data-focused projects from anywhere at anytime.

Today, Dewi has proved that being a SupaAgent can be equally fulfilling as an extra avenue of income, as she has been chosen by our Project Managers to be the SupaAgent of the month of July!


The SupaAgent Family

Dewi started working as a SupaAgent 4 months ago, and at that time, she expected this job to be like any other online jobs available – “work, complete, repeat.”

At the start, Dewi struggled a little on her work, as she had no prior experience with an online job, and had never thought about it as an option to begin with. Fortunately, she received a lot of help and support from the SupaAgent community, to assist her onto doing a better job, and to grow from it. It was then that Dewi realised, being a SupaAgent was quite different than any other job available online.

“There’s a big family atmosphere that I felt being a part of the SupaAgent community, and it kept reminding me that I am part of something amazing.”

Although every SupaAgent works remotely from a different location around Southeast Asia, everyone comes together like a family, to support each other on their work, and to also grow and learn from each other as a human being.

Working as a SupaAgent is not just about working for the money, but it’s also about being part of a bigger picture, a remote workplace with a distinctive culture; a culture that allows everyone in within to be like a family.

The Supahands team at Halloween last year


New Challenges and Experiences

To Dewi, one of the perks of being a SupaAgent is that she has access to a wide variety of projects available on the platform, allowing her to have a steady amount of jobs, while also being able to work on many different kind of projects. Thus far, Dewi has worked with different businesses around the world, and through that has elevated her knowledge in a different career path than what she was used to.

“Being a SupaAgent has definitely made me a better person. Working on so many projects and commitments have taught me so much about hard work, responsibility, and accountability.”

Additionally, being a SupaAgent also allows Dewi to brush up on her command of the English language, as all projects that Supahands takes on are primarily in english.

“I learned English for a total of 12 years but somehow my English was still poor. Now I get the opportunity to use it everyday and it’s awesome 😀 ”


Time Management

Besides being a full time daughter/guardian and a SupaAgent, Dewi has also embarked on a mission to give back to her hometown’s community. For 5 days a week, Dewi teaches the Qur’an to her neighbourhood’s kids, and she would always accompany her dad to work by cycling around town at dawn.

With the time management skills that she managed to pick up, she can now take better control of her time to balance between SupaAgent work, giving back to the community, and not to forget a bit of downtime to relax as well – it’s hard to ignore this part for someone who lives in a place surrounded by beautiful mountains and the ocean.

“Being a SupaAgent really forced me to be a more organized person. I have to know my priorities for everything, whether it is the time to work or for other commitments.”

Ultimately, SupaAgents represent our vision of being the world’s most efficient workforce, and they all play a big role in shaping who we are today. For some, it’s the ability to learn new things that drives them to keep producing great work. For others, it’s the freedom and flexibility they get from being able to work from anywhere they want.

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