Hana – SupaAgent of the Month (June 2017)

It was 3 days before Hari Raya that Hana Fauzi was selected by our Project Managers as the SupaAgent of the month of June. We immediately contacted her to announce this award, and to our surprise, she is expecting a baby soon! It felt to us as if all these were God’s blessing for Hari Raya; It was truly an amazing experience, and an honour for us Supahands to present this.

Meet Hana Fauzi a.k.a Hana Banana, an avid traveller who grew up in various countries (Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Switzerland) before settling down in Malaysia for university, because her dad thought her Bahasa Malaysia was “horrible.” She eventually graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, got engaged at the age of 21 to an awesome man, and is now blessed with a cute little daughter and another baby that’s arriving soon. At present, Hana works as a full-time housewife, a part-time SupaAgent, and a freelance video-editor.

Hana has been a SupaAgent since 2015 as she was attracted by the idea of working on different jobs for exposure. Since then she has been consistently delivering great work to many businesses around the globe, and has even been through many ups and downs with us, including the recent refocusing of our Entrepreneur platform to Business solutions.

“It’s the different experiences and jobs that I’ve received that makes me eager to keep on clicking the refresh button on the dashboard.”

Besides, being a SupaAgent has also allowed Hana to keep herself updated with the technology advances around, and be a part of the SupaFamily where she and the other SupaAgents can contribute to something big and meaningful.

“The best part of being a SupaAgent is that you know you’re part of something big, and that you know you have contributed to that specific company’s success. We’re the unsung heroes :D”

Nevertheless, SupaAgents represents our vision of being the world’s most efficient workforce, and play a big role in shaping who we are today. For some, it’s the ability to learn new things that drives them to keep producing great work. For others, it’s the freedom and flexibility they get from being able to work from anywhere they want.

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  • Reply
    June 29, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Nice! She sounds awesome!!

    • mm
      Juinn Tan
      August 11, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      SupaAgent Hana really is! Since she’s joined, she’s been a great addition to our SupaAgent family. It’s crazy how she manages to manage her time so well with being a mother, wife and a SupaAgent – busy, busy lady!

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