SupaMum Kellyn – SupaAgent of the Month (May 2017)

The SupaAgent of the Month initiative was started to recognise and appreciate the people behind the work that we do for our clients. To kick things off in May 2017, it is our pleasure to introduce SupaAgent Kellyn who is praised by our Project Managers for being “super reliable” and consistently doing “an awesome job”. Find out more about this SupaMum and be prepared to be wowed!

Hello Kitty lover, Kellyn, is not one to shy away from a challenge. After all, she works two jobs (her usual full-time job and being a SupaAgent) and is mother to her family of two children and her dog, Kenji. She juggles all of this while also managing her household including paying the bills. So, it’s no wonder that when we asked her what song would be best to describe her, she said “Superwoman by Karyn White”.

Kellyn joined us as SupaAgent in March 2017 as she was attracted to the idea of using her skills to help others. Since then, she has been steadily completing projects from the strategic spot of her home’s dining table where she can work and keep an eye on her kids. While many would be happy with working on just one project at a time, Kellyn went the extra mile to get herself involved in as many projects as possible – crediting her ability to stay on top of everything to “good time management”. She’s also a firm believer of giving her best to every task and never overcommitting if she knows she is unable to deliver.

SupaAgent Kellyn

SupaAgent Kellyn at her work space (left) and Kenji (right)


Given the flexibility granted to our SupaAgents, one might wonder why Kellyn decided to spend so much time on different projects. The answer is delightfully simple – she enjoys discovering that there’s always something new to learn each time. Kellyn even joked that she has learnt so much about luxury cars while working on a project that she can be a part-time car advisor. As if she doesn’t have enough to keep her busy already!

However, being a SupaAgent for Kellyn is not just about facing the laptop working on projects. It’s also about meeting new people that you may have never gotten the chance to meet in person. Kellyn met Coreen and Charlene after joining the SupaAgent community and realised that the 3 of them have many things in common. The fact that they’re all mothers with children and juggling tasks at home and at Supahands means that they are able to support and motivate each other when it comes to getting the work done.

Everyday, our SupaAgents continue to inspire us as there is so much that we could not have achieved without them. For some, it’s the ability to learn new things that drives them to keep producing great work. For others, it’s the freedom and flexibility they get from being a SupaAgent.

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