SupaDedicated Haraz – SupaAgent of the Month (October 2017)

The first time Haraz introduced herself to the Supahands community, we were immediately blown away by the years of experience that she had in an industry that many of us have been guilty of being envious of. From her humble beginnings as a telephone operator for a luxury hotel to becoming the Personal Assistant to a Managing Partner at one of the world’s best resorts in Bali, Indonesia. Haraz has definitely spent time at many beautiful hotels and resorts around the country famous for its beaches. Read on to find out what took her from world-class holiday destinations to being our SupaAgent of the Month.

Haraz checking out a market in Jakarta

Haraz checking out a market in Jakarta

Haraz loves helping people in any way that she can. Whether it’s in the form of physical assistance or providing advice and encouragement, seeing herself play a part in improving someone’s life gives her joy like no other. This super energetic woman whose name means “guardian” in Arabic isn’t just a SupaAgent, but also a full-time wife, mother and office manager. In a way, her name does suit her as she’s definitely a guardian to her family, colleagues and our SupaCommunity.

It is this kind heart of hers that led her to move from the beaches of Bali Island to the capital city, Jakarta earlier this year. Haraz’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s’ disease, which prompted her to make the move with her musician husband, 8-year old son and cat. Despite being able to secure a job in Jakarta that allowed her to remain in the hospitality industry, Haraz still insisted on staying on and fulfilling her role as a SupaAgent as she saw more to it than just a  “temporary gig”.

Haraz's mother and son, Chigal working on his school project

Haraz’s mother and son, Chigal working on his school project

Thankfully, Haraz’s full time job gives her enough flexibility for her to divide her attention between work, her family and Supahands’ projects. She saw a need to improve and maintain her current skillset as a way to be even better and faster at everything else that she was doing. So, being a SupaAgent was exactly what she required and she also had the chance to get to meet and work with a variety of people.

Working hard with her cat, Smussi

Working hard with her cat, Smussi

We couldn’t help feel a sense of pride and satisfaction as she spoke about the memories she has as a SupaAgent so far. She still remembers the first time she was granted access to a project by Project Manager, Qistina. She also spoke fondly about our co-founder Susian and Project Manager Joey who had no issues in getting their own hands dirty by directly executing some of the work alongside other SupaAgents. She even knew a lot about other SupaAgents than we did, like SupaAgent Shanice and SupaAgent Chali who are still in the middle of their degree.

Haraz is one of many talented mothers on our Supahands who’s armed with a professional background, and can somehow amazingly work on projects and take care of their families at the same time. It’s a great reminder for all of us at Supahands HQ that what we do does not just affect the lives of individuals, but also the lives of people who are under their care. So, it is with that sense of responsibility that we build our products and do our best to give our SupaAgents an experience that makes them proud of what they do everyday.

Want to know more about SupaAgents from Indonesia? Meet Dewi, who also saw this as an opportunity to take care of her parents.

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