Are You In The Recruitment Industry? These Are The Tasks That You Can Outsource

The recruitment industry is highly saturated and hyper competitive. Costs are not going down either; with the cost of hiring and the demand for base salary increases according to the economic climate. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a recruiting firm, part of a company’s HR team or an independent headhunter, we are sure that you would want to generate high return on investment (ROI), reduce cost, and fill empty job slots faster. This is possible if you start outsourcing parts of your recruitment process and focus more on managing and hiring the right candidates either for yourself or your clients. Not sure what to take off-shore? Here are some of the tasks that you should be outsourcing.

Recruitment Industry

#1 Resumes Screening

More often than not, CVs received by recruiters do not match the advertised vacancy. Without a doubt, screening through hundreds of resumes costs a lot of time. Did you know that you can outsource something like this to Supahands, as long as you share the right requirements and SOPs? Based on the criteria given, we’re able to file through all the clutter and present to you and your team a shorter list, so you can concentrate on doing what’s important to move ahead.


#2 Data maintenance

Recruitment companies would usually have a large database of candidates. However, with a large number of submissions received on a daily basis, the information can be badly structured and formatted. In addition, no one really wants to spend too much time working on tidying up all the data in order to really extract value from them. Poor data management will result in a mismatch of talent and also longer processing times and maybe even missing the opportunity to hire excellent candidates. With our help, we can you refine your processes, which can bring benefits like retaining candidates’ resumes for future reference, remove the ones that are no longer available or even tidy up client and company details – so it’s easier to keep track of everyone’s needs and requirements.


#3 Harvesting Resumes

Sometimes, managing access to job boards and searching through their vast databases for the right candidates can be a challenging and time-consuming task. So, let us help you make that pace of hiring faster by managing the job boards, filtering all resumes and record qualified candidates in your database. This gives you a larger pool of qualified job-hunters to choose from to fill the available positions that you have.



Outsourcing may not be the first option that comes to mind, but it is by far the most cost effective and productive option. By outsourcing these tasks, you’re able to speed up your recruitment process at a control cost and increase turnaround time. If you have any other tasks that you want to consider outsourcing, speak to us for a free consultation!

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