6 Tips To Woo The Best Talent For Your Startup

Are you starting to see a positive sign that your business’ venture is taking off and feeling the need to employ more people soon? Congratulations! However, competition in talent is getting high and being in a startup or small business – you can’t afford a costly hiring mistake. It is important to find self-starters who can make an immediate impact. Previously, we’ve talked about Building The Right Team For Your Startup. But, how do you make sure that the A-team chooses you?  Here are some tips to attract Supa-awesome talent for hire to scale your business further.

Hire The Best Candidates

Attract The Best Candidates


#1 Create A Great Workplace Environment

Although money is important, it’s not the only thing top talents want. They want a work environment that challenges them, allows for innovation, makes work fun, but also provides work-life balance. So, ask yourself –  are my staff really happy? Is my company’s culture positive or negative? Have I given them any recognition or rewards? Are they learning anything? If your answers are mostly NO – it’s time to change.


#2 Be An Employer Of Choice

In today’s talent war, getting your company recognised as the one of the ‘Best Places To Work’ will go a long way. More often than not, great talent prefers to work for employers who are recognised for the way they treat their employees. One way to do this is to instill a great culture and value within your organisation. Apart from that, sharing it via social media will help you in being recognised. Not only will it help gain more exposure for your brand, but also attract best candidates.


#3 Recognise Internal Talent First

Before opening up new job opportunities to the public, why not scout among your internal employees to see if anyone fits the position? For instance, when conducting performance reviews, you can ask your staff if they have skills that they are not using in their current job. This can prevent turnover, which results in a promotion, transfer or reassignment. Not to mention, you will save time and money, and retain your best talent.


#4 State The Job Description Clearly

If you have no internal candidates you want to promote or consider for the job – it’s time to put in out there. Please bear in mind to think carefully about your job description . Treat it like it is part of your marketing collaterals – a bad brief can lead to a bad job. So be clear, accurate and very focused on what you want. Don’t forget to mention what you are going to offer, the opportunities for training and progression, as well as the culture of your company.


#5 Target The Right Candidates

We are all aware that a good advertisement placed in the wrong place is very much ineffective. It is important for you to know where to reach the right people.  Do some research about their interest, websites that they are usually on or the media they ‘inhabit’.


#6 Speed Up The Hiring Process

Do take note that the longer your processes are, the longer you need to make a decision. The chances of talent bouncing and going to another company are high. The hiring process plays a crucial role in whether a candidate wants to work for you or vice versa. Remember, an unprofessional and slow process is the number one reason candidates will turn down a job.

So, there you go – ways to attract the best candidate for your company. We hope that these tips help you in winning the talent game. The key is to give them a reason on to want to work with you.


Speaking of talent, if you think that you’re the right fit for a startup environment, check out Supahands! Our squad is growing fast and we’re currently looking for SupaAwesome talent to join our developer, designer, sales and operation team. 

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