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When running a fast-paced business, more often than not, you have to wear different hats to meet the needs of your company. Social Media Ninja, People Operations, VP of the Pantry… you name it. Though we know that you’re gung-ho about your business, you also have to be smart about it.  Previously, we spoke about apps that will increase your productivity . Now, let us share with you some of the resources available in Malaysia, to simplify some aspects of your startup. Make sure you read until the end because there’s a happy ending!



GoGet – your own personal assistant


“So many things to do, so little time,” says almost all of us (if not all) on planet Earth. Well, not anymore. Thanks to the existence of GoGet, you can now have a personal assistant to run errands for you, without ripping your pocket. It could be a dispatch job, shopping, food delivery and other task like assembling that IKEA furniture of yours.

The process is simple – Just download the app, fill in your details, post up the things that need to get done, wait for the response from the GoGetter to take the job and voila! Fees are based on distance, time and effort needed.


Looking for the right talent for your company can be a mind numbing process, especially when you’re not attracting the right workforce. Though having a certain skill set is somewhat vital, hiring those who believe in your company’s values and culture is important too.

To save both employers and employees from the “this is not working out” moment, WOBB (Working On Bean Bags) was founded to connect awesome employers with the best Gen Y talent in Malaysia. With a strong focus in transparency, WOBB gives jobseekers a sneak peek into a company’s environment and values so that job seekers know what they are getting themselves into before applying.


Freshcart – a platform that offers pantry essentials


To those who are leading a healthy lifestyle, rejoice! You will no longer need to search for  your favourite organic and health products meticulously. Introducing Freshcart – a great platform that offers pantry essentials, organic products and goodies delivered right to your office.

So, what does it have to do with running a business? Freshcart prides itself with equipping fresh fruits and snacks for offices/events across Klang Valley. Businesses get the chance to enjoy corporate packages that are fully customisable to your needs. Having a great pantry creates happy employees.

“A small part of your task is 100% ours at Freshcart.”



Kakitangan, a simplified human resource software


Besides hiring the talent, managing human resource matters can be a pain in the neck too. Things can get a little haywire if you don’t keep track of your paperwork properly. What we’re trying to say is that… why not save the trouble and give Kakitangan a shot. This app will definitely put you at ease and make your employees happier.

An online and mobile human resource platform in Malaysia and Singapore, Kakitangan aims to help SMEs manage their leave applications, payroll and other administration issues in a more trendy and lucid way. Don’t believe us? Check them out.



Outsource your tasks to Supahands


Imagine: You have plenty of tasks to settle with tight deadlines and you have no one to delegate them to.Why not try outsourcing it to us? We have a fleet of SupaAgents who are pretty handy and good at what they do.

Based on our experience, it is without a doubt that we can help you simplify your work. So, if you have virtual jobs  i.e. data entry, lead generation, customer care, research and data maintenance that could be outsourced, don’t forget to give us a nudge. Our SupaAgents will be more than happy to assist you! 🙂

Now that you know some of the resources that can help you simplify your business, we hope that you will be able to focus on what’s important and minimise distractions.

Having said that, we do realise that sometimes shoe-tight budget can be an issue, which means you can only spend on what’s necessary. However, with LeanBiz 3-Month Starter Pack, you can have ém all!

What is LeanBiz?

Cognisant of how things can get out of hands, Supahands, WOBB, Kakitangan, FreshCart and GoGet collaborated, to help other like-minded startups and entrepreneurs with some tasks. With this campaign, you can work on other important matters to move forward.

Be it HR matters, admin, dispatch, payroll to filling up the pantry. With only RM90/month for 3-months, check out LeanBiz 3-month Starter Pack on how it can help you save money and time.


No obligation, No contract. Just Supahands

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